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This may be a very silly question especially being that I haven't used the sx-70 film. Is there a possibility that you can use the sx-70 film in a pinhole camera / toy camera?

Thanks for your time Marjorie

-- Marjorie (, April 20, 2001


Response to SX-70 and pin hole camers

Yep! You'd need a camera to roll the film though. That's how I do: 1. expose the film 2. In the darkroom, transfer the film pack to a polaroid SX70 or a modified 600 3. As soon as you close the film compartment the camera will eject the first frame as it does with the black cover on a new film. Voila! You can turn on the lights and wait for the development process. 4. Turn off the lights, take the film out of the 600 camera and back into the pinhole. You're ready for another exposure.

-- Herbet Camerino (, June 19, 2001.

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