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Am having problem of white chemical leaking out of back of ea. exposure at top left and right corners (where black backing meets white border) when film is ejected from camera (Model 2). Seems like seal is being broken, but when I look at back of film no rips or curling is evident. Also, images develop and manipulate fine. I have checked rollers and film ejection path and see nothing out of place. Any thoughts on cause and/or remedies would be much appreciated.

-- D.Weitzman (, April 20, 2001


I have the exact same problem. I also have checked rollers and ejection path and can find nothing wrong. I have an old photo taken by a friend with an sx-70 and it has dried chemical blobs in exactly the same place. I suspect it has something to do with the film being outdated and the seal between the black and white border becoming weak or brittle and separating. But, I'm not sure.

-- s.tresser (, June 28, 2001.

You must be using outdated film.

-- Marty Runnells (, September 28, 2001.

I have also experienced this, even with film not expiring for months. I have also noticed that after several months in storage, my exposed pictures begin to have a brown cloudy look at the top.

-- Stewart Larson (, July 03, 2003.

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