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I have recently become very interested in these camera. I live in an area that, with this camera, would make amazing photos, so I would like to get a working one. If anyone can help let me know.

-- amy k spring (, April 20, 2001


Hi, Amy, I liked how you put it that you live in an area where you could make amazing photos with a Beau Brownie - now, you didn't say where you lived, but since you have email, I imagine it's not "in the past".

I saw a Beau Brownie listed on ebay not long ago, so you could try there. They're tough to find, so you might end up paying quite a bit. I don't really know that the Beau was any better or worse, photographically, than any other Brownie of its day, so you might consider settling for a less-rare version. I have a Target 620, for instance, that works very nicely (not for sale, though - I just got it). Good luck!

-- Peter Lutz (, April 23, 2001.

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