Opinions on the "Summit of the Americas"?

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So it looks like there is more rioting occuring in Canada over the Summit of the Americas.

I was wondering what you all think about this summit? Do you think that this free trade will actually bring about the amero dollar? Could this possibly actually be good for the economy here? Is there something really good about it all that I can't see through my "hate" covered glasses?

If you don't know much about it you can access mainstream news articles on Yahoo, or you can go to WND, or American Freedom News website and check those articles. Just curious as to what if any opinions folks hold on this. Thanks!

-- Doreen (animalwitress@yahoo.com), April 20, 2001


I don't know much about this but from what I understand, it's about globalization of trade. I don't agree with it because, among many others reasons, if one economy goes bad, they all are usually hit. Smacks of just another furtherance of a one world government or "global community". Why can't they just realize that we (we as in countries) are all different, with differing needs, resources, etc. We cannot all be equal; it's the nature of Nature.

-- Lisa (tepeeclan@nidlink.com), April 21, 2001.

It is just another name for globalization. And another name for communism. It is NOT in our best interest. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act, also known locally as the North American Farm Termination Act) has not helped our economy for the most part. Sure, we can now buy Mexican plastic ware cheaper than American made plastic ware. So what? How many Americans are out of work, or more commonly, working in poorer paying jobs because of NAFTA? How many factories have moved to other countries because of NAFTA? I fully believe the primary purpose of the Free Trade movement is to level the incomes of all the working class people in both North and South America. Unfortunately, I think the level we will all reach is going to be closer to third world status for all of us. The United States prospered for two centuries without globalization. We do not need it now. The more governments world wide try to shove multi-culturalism and the homogenization of society down peoples' throats, the more resistance they meet. It is in the nature of people to have differences, and it is the nature of people to take pride in their own cultural differences. Sometimes this does surface as bigotry, but usually not in the true definition. Most of the time this pride is just that....pride in oneself and in one's own ancestors and in one's own country. I think the globalization is really just another way to try to destroy that.

And, yes, if allowed to proceed I think it will bring about a universal currency of some sort, and ultimately we will all pay taxes to the United Nations.

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), April 22, 2001.

And while I'm ranting on this subject, if the trade agreement is so good for us all, how come they've already signed it and gone back home and still haven't released what the agreement contained? If it were to our advantage, you can bet all those politicians would have been standing in front of a camera somewhere telling us all about what they done for us. Instead, I suspect they've done something to us.

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), April 22, 2001.

Just another step towards globalization and one world government as prosphesied in the Bible. One step closer to the fullfilment of the end time prophesies and the return of our Lord and Savior.

-- Barb (barbaraj@mis.net), April 22, 2001.

Right on, Green! Well said! Couldn't agree more.

-- Lisa (tepeeclan@nidlink.com), April 22, 2001.

Nice rant, AVA! You nailed it. (So did you, Barb;}) I miss some stuff not having teevee, but I guess I didn't miss why this was really so good for all of us. It's just kind of interesting that these people who are in charge of upholding the Constitution and treating that as sovereign have no qualms whatsoever about entering into such unConstitutional treaties. Grrrr.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), April 22, 2001.

Even though I've read about it, I haven't been able to find the actual document. Anyone know where that might be located?

-- Doreen (bisqut@here.com), April 23, 2001.

Ditto Green's and Barb's Answer. Best site for the text I could find was: WWW.americascanada.org/eventsummit/declarations/menu-e.asp Remeber: It (the 'treaty') still has to be ratified by congress. Neither ours or Brazil's electorate is too keen on this 'treaty'. My understanding was Brazil was the biggest player from the S. American continent. With the most infulential electorates from either continent at odds with the signed proposals, it's not a done deal: yet.

-- StevenB (thicketyrowfarm@aol.com), April 23, 2001.

Bush said a lot about this agreement AND a lot about how this country will be run... He said (something to the effect of) there are those who don't want this, but we are going to do it anyway....

There are a lot of things about this. First off... this isn't the formal agreement. This is an 'agreement to agree.' They basically set the protocol and the date for the final discussion. It will ensure that the coroporations get what they need to grow. It will ensure taxes and tariffs and possibly even require small farmers to join large organizations just to get a minimal price for their product. It will ensure that prices rise steeply and steadily for consumers. It will ensure near-slave wages for many people - ESPECIALLY in Mexico and farther south - worse than now. It will be great as population control - especially for the elderly.

What this agreement does NOT do: provide for equality of living standards, strengthen our economy, heighten food quality, raise employment levels, raise the standard of living, etc.

Way to go Green!!! and Doreen!!!

They definately aren't going to listen to the people on this one... They will, however, lure in all the 'middle class' lemmings who are already brainwashed (braindead????) into thinking that our 'fascist dictatorship' will look out for them. With the middle class behind them - they can do anything.

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), April 23, 2001.

Unfortunately, I'm related to a whole bunch of the middle class lemmings? Anybody want some kinfolks? I have some to give away free! They are all just happy and complacent so long as Walmart stays open and golf/football is broadcast. That's all that really matters.

Except for a couple of them that would really, really get PO'd if someone wanted to take their guns.

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), April 24, 2001.

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