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-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001


I received an email today from someone named Janina. Does anyone know who this is or how she found us? She writes:
I am a gaduate of Onteora and I am now on a intership in Florida so I will not be home for the vote. I was wondering if you could send me information on how to get an absentee ballot. Thank you very much.
I sorted the message to Jim's folder and will post his response (along with the question) on the "Answers" page. When this is done, I will also post the question sent to Tom about fundraising with his response.
JIM: Would it be okay for me to sign your response with a candidates' name, or better yet, would Meg or Tom like to respond to this question? Please do not all respond at once. You may check to see if someone else has sent a reply by looking in the "Sent" folder.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

The answer to this is that she must make a request to Wendy, the district clerk, at the Onteora central office at 845-657-8851. The e-mailer can call her directly or we can forward Janine's address to Wendy if she feels comfortable e-mailing it to us.

Wendy will then send her the request form which she must fill it out and promptly return. Upon receiving it, Wendy will then mail her the absentee ballot which, again, she must return promptly.

For the urgency of it why not just answer her request as Erik, the SOS webmaster?

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2001

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