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My wife and I recently purchased a 1960's home in Salem, Oregon where the seller was represented by CB. All has been fine with the transaction, however, within just a few washloads in the "new house" the waste lines became plugged. Not only did the bathtub fill with waste water but the laundry drained overflowed into the wall frame. Immediately we contacted the Home warranty company that was secured through the transaction. The warranty company sent out a plumber. Between the plumber and the warranty company they decided that the blockage was really just "slowage" and that the policy only covered stoppage. I was stuch with the plumber'd bill. I realize I should not complain as the plumber was kind enough to pour acid down the drain which removed the blockage. However, I think CB should ashamed of their Home Warranty program. It is deceitful, costly and downright not nice. I can only hope that CB goes the way of the Montgomery Wards. I have made a committment to tell everone I come in contact with this story and to ask for their help in spreading the story via e-mail and and what ever source they have. I fell that the money I spent to fix the blockage gives me bragging rights to remove as many people from the doorsteps of CB as possible.

-- Philip J. La Vine (lavp@exchange.chemeketa.edu), April 23, 2001


You need to know the insurance is just a scam. I tried on more than one occasion to use the insurance. Every time without fail, it was refused by the people who are so called adjusters. I learned real fast it was a money making scheme and not a usable commodity. The blockage was there due to the time it had set w/o an occupant and was not your fault. CB doesn't care about us, they are in the money making business only.

-- Caryl Hudson (seedafrog@ev1.net), November 19, 2002.

Your experience brings up an excellent point- CB immediately increased their liability in your eyes as soon as they adopted an "official" or "preferred" home warranty vendor. Now you are out to destroy them. (You won't succeed, ever heard of Cendant? They own the world) Quite frankly, if you read your policy closely, it does not cover clogs at all. Any blockages or clogs are inherently caused by something that enters the drain line. I am not saying you are negligent by any means, but the warranty is not to "blame" for your problems. I should know, I pay for at least one new furnace and one new water heater everyday. I cover a number of different types of mechanical problems, and if you had a contractor saying your furnace problem was pre-existing, I may agree with your cause. I only offer warranties in Indiana. If anything, I would say that your problem happens, and potentially the seller knew about the slow drainage. If he didn't know, how come your home inspector didn't check the drainage? Or were you a totally naive buyer and not get one? If you got one, do you feel it was adequate? And last thing- you indicated that the listing agency was held by Coldwell Banker. Who was your Real Estate Agent and where were they when it came to choosing a home warranty?

-- Nathan Thornberry (residentialwarranty@yahoo.com), January 02, 2003.

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