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Attached in text form (this was a Powerpoint presentation) is the agenda and presentation from last week's training and professional development group. Please pay special attention to the questions at the end - we are looking for your input. We want to hear from you as to where you think the profession is going, what our future looks like, and how we get there. With ARMA out of the picture on this topic it looks as if FIRM is the only game in town as we define the information management profession of the future. Here is your chance to weigh in.

Greg Fraser (

Federal Information and Records Management Council Training and Professional Development Subcommittee Meeting April 18, 2001

Agenda Discussions with OPM on recognition of information management profession The latest on the ARMA professional standards effort CIA’s creation of an information management profession Summary of subcommittee work to date Study: The Workforce of the Future Actions

Discussions with OPM OPM’s approach Schedules set in advance Based sometimes on demand Conflicts with technical professions Focus on banding Grouping similar activities Eliminating categories Forward ideas and criteria to OPM Don’t want to promise too much

ARMA’s Professional Standards Effort Recognition of multi-disciplinary approach to success ARMA’s draft focused on defining records management skill set Supplemented with educational opportunities Effort terminated

CIA’s Creation of an Information Management Career Service Recognized profession throughout Agency Established performance standards, definitions, Key Job Elements, etc. Handbook Current version Reexamination underway

Results of Subcommittee Future State Workforce Analysis to Date (the following are skill sets that are considered critical to success): Technology Internet/intranets Access Controls Management Project management Records management Classification Communication – oral and written Teamwork Workflow Automated categorization Thesauri/metadata Declassification and release PKI/Electronic signatures Metrics Marketing Outreach – training others Knowledge Management/Portal/Neural networks Collaboration Training Publishing and Distribution Arhcives

Planning for the Future A holistic approach Align work to accomplish strategic goals Define future profession in line with strategic goals Recruit future state workforce Integrate new employees Develop employees towards future state Create future state curriculum Align rewards with strategic goals Align organizational structure with strategic goals

Align Work to Accomplish Strategic Goals Focus future efforts on stated vision and mission 4 prongs Make hard decisions about the remainder Declare what it is we do and what it is we don’t do Prepare for potential workforce and customer implications

Realignment of Work Identify the value of each position and align grades accordingly Teamwork Make sure that reward system is in sync

Workforce of the Future A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (current CIA efofrts to create a future workforce) Candidates have masters degrees in one or more of the following areas Library Science Management Information Systems Business Administration Computer Science Information Management Candidates have strengths in the following areas: Analysis (required) Communications (required) Technology Management Project Management Law Teaching Archives Teamwork Others

Create Future State Curriculum Communications/Marketing Project Management Internet Search and Retrieval (including tools) Taxonomic/Contextual/Collaboration tools Creating Electronic Recordkeeping Systems File plans Implementation of Electronic Records Management Applications Workflow/Business Analysis KM/Content Management Courses/Seminars INFOSEC Security Management/Leadership Access Control Marketing Training Collaboration

Actions What should information management professionals be doing 5 years from now? What skills, knowledge, and education will they need to get there? What training programs are you aware of now and what are the curricula? Are there any training programs available now that you would be willing to share with the Federal community?

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2001


The Department of the Navy looked at some of these same questions but at the larger IT community. We created a product that will answer most if not all of your questions (I hope). Go to http://www.don- when you get a chance. Especially take a look at attachment number 5, information managment career areas. Hope this helps.


-- Anonymous, April 25, 2001

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