[Good News] Little girls use tablecloth to soften boy's plunge

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BARRIE - Police are crediting two girls aged 6
and 9 with saving the life of a 4-year-old boy
when they caught him in their picnic tablecloth
as he plunged from a fourth-floor window. ``It's
amazing, it's nothing short of a miracle,'' said
Constable Dave McClymont of the Barrie city
police yesterday. ``I'm shaking my head thinking
about how two little girls thought of doing that.''
Stephanie Boddy, 9, was enjoying a picnic on the
grass with her friends, 6- and 9-year-old sisters
Samantha and Randilyn Quinn, outside their Barrie
apartment when they looked up in horror to see
Skyler Christou hanging out of a window with a
torn screen four storeys up. Acting quickly,
Randilyn went running up the stairs to alert
the boy's parents, while Stephanie and Samantha
grabbed their tableclotch, which was made out of
bed sheets, and ran over to the side of the building.
Positioning themselves underneath the window, they
stretched the cloth out between them as the boy
plunged. ``He was flipping and flipping as he fell,''
Stephanie said. ``We moved back and forth as he
came down so we'd be in the right spot.'' The
force of his fall ripped the tableclotch out of
Stephanie and Samantha's hands and he hit the
ground with a thud. ``He bounced off the sheet
on to the ground. I was really scared that he
was badly hurt,'' Stephanie said. But the girls'
action was enough to break his fall and he wasn't
badly injured. Barrie police are crediting the
girls with saving his life.

The Star

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), April 24, 2001

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