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Hello! I am a french teacher in Quebec and I chose to have my class read L'Ecume des jours. Unfortunately, I have found very little information on this book either at The library or on the Net. All the sources seem to concentrate on Boris Vian's life or bibliography but they don't offer a critical analysis of his work. In which litterary category does he fall into? What can we say about the characters in his best known novel? What about the themes? I have a pretty good idea how to answer these questions myself but as a meticulous researcher, I would like to have these hypothesises confirmed by others. If you could answer these questions or refer me to websites that do, I would be most grateful. Your site seems to be the most extensive I have seen as of yet. Thank you!

-- Elisabeth Lagace (, April 26, 2001


The Meakin, Scott and Rolls books are the most extensive that I know of in English. The Meakin one is the best about L'Ecume. There is a CD rom available through the French education system I believe. I don't know how to order it but your library might. m

-- robert whyte (, October 07, 2001.

Hi, I'm a belgian student and I'm in the last year of my studies. I do a work -in french of course- on this book. So, if you want some informations about this book, I can give you a lot of. My thema is the suffering but I'm interesting in everything about it. Julie. My adress:

-- julie limbos (, April 02, 2003.

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