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Snohomish teens not allowed to buy toilet paper at night April 26, 2001, 01:30 PM SNOHOMISH – The roll was getting low, and desperation high, so Snohomish resident Waunda Briggs made a request of her two daughters Tuesday night.

REPORTED BY Chris Ingalls "Get us some toilet paper. We need it bad,” she said.

The girls rolled right away, but at a nearby grocery store a short time later, one of them made a panicked phone call back home.

Waunda gave this account: "She says, ‘Mom, you're not gonna believe this,’ and I says, ‘Believe what, honey? What’s wrong?’ and she says, ‘They won't sell us the toilet paper.’ I says, ‘You have to be kidding me. They will not sell you toilet paper?’ She says, ‘No, because they said we were adolescents and they wouldn't sell us toilet paper.’” The entire family was in a spin. But it turns out, the store was honoring a request by Snohomish police not to sell toilet paper at night to kids under 18, in an attempt to stop a wave of TP-ing.

You may have heard of TP-ing. It’s when kids use a roll of toilet paper, or more likely several, to dress up your front yard.

We talked toilet paper with Snohomish Sergeant Doug Mireau. “This has gotta be one of the strangest interviews I've ever had," he said.

Mireau said officers routinely respond to 10 T.P. calls on a weekend night. "It's when they go in and pick up the pack that has 14 to 24 rolls, and they get several of them, then you can pretty well say that this is just not for personal use.”

"I was furious!” said Waunda. “I couldn't figure out when toilet paper became a contraband.”

That, my friends, is the end.

-- Martin Thompson (, April 26, 2001

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