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I have just received a brochure on joining the subject organisation. Does anyone know of them and are there any warnings other than the obvious.

-- John Cavanagh (, April 26, 2001


I have just received 3 of these brouchures at all my business addresses and I am totally bemused by the whole concept!

I'm sure there will bill much comment on this matter over the next few weeks if not days. The information provided indicates not much at all, apart from the fact that if you pay them $386 for 1 year, you receive a large decal to affix to the front of your practice.

Also, we as practitioners deserve rewards and recognition for our high quality patient care? All for $386?


I will be investigating this much further

Matthew Dilosa

Vice President - Education

-- Matt Dilosa (, April 27, 2001.

Further to my previous comment, at present there are no Nationally recognised accreditation bodies for Massage Therapy, and this one is no exception! ANHPAB are a new business, and have no track record. ANHPAB will accredit any modality.

AMT (NSW) represent Massage Therapists and have a proven track record, and are recognised and respected by all but one or two major health funds. AMT is dedicated to the science and art of Massage Therapy.

When I phoned ANHPAB, I got the distinct feeling, this was very much a business and not a representative body, in fact they freely admitted this. But please don't take my word on this, give them a call and make your own mind.

-- Matthew Dilosa (, May 04, 2001.

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