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Just heard a report on ABC that a farmer in England found a calf among the carcasses of his slaughtered animals(a heifer, I think:) They made it a joyous publicity event, lots of photos of the family with the (now) bottle calf, made the headlines. Of course, officials showed back up to slaughter the one they missed, but the family demanded they get a court order first. Because of all the publicity, not only did this calf get a reprieve, but the government has changed their policy, and say they will no longer kill healthy livestock neighboring infected. I say Hurray Hurray for this brave family who managed to change the system! This could make a difference in the way our country responds should the problem make it here. What do you think?

-- mary, texas (, April 27, 2001


Hooray for Phoenix!!!!

I HOPE it has an affect on how we handle it here. I spoke with my insurance lady today for a long time about HMD. She assures me that if the government seizes the animals there is no monetary compensation. She said she didn't know about the legal aspects, ie. not signing seizure papers, but she said from an insurance standpoint, it would be moot.

She had just returned from Europe and told me quite a bit about how lax she felt the customs precaustions were. They didn't spray anyones shoes unless they TOLD them they had been on a farm. No one on her plane had apparently been on a farm. Hmmm.

Anyway, I certainly hope that our government doesn't do the things they are talking about. In my estimation it's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. And I am HAPPY about this calf!!!

-- Doreen (, April 27, 2001.

Hi. If this is old or unwelcome news-please don't shoot me ! I post on the art bell bbs and this am, a fellow member posted this article. I have read other articles put out by the Cutting Edge....and it is alarming "stuff". But, it can be found elsewhere via the www as well. is the link. Yes, it is doom & gloom with a slim ray of HOPE !!!!

peace...back to puttin' in my garden ! Nan.

-- Nan Bignall (, May 01, 2001.

Pretty scary stuff, isn't it? I sure hope it's not true, but it makes an awful lot of sense and fits in very well with what has actually gone on. What's really disturbing is the mindset that the slaughter had to be done, and will have to be done again if it comes here. Anyway, back to the conspriracy theory, it sure does explain why they didn't kill off the deer, doesn't it? Because they're not out to kill the deer and wildlife, they're trying to kill farmers and their way of life. If they had really been serious about actually controlling the dsease, they'd have had to kil the deer or at least keep them from traveling all around the countryside, spreading HM&D in their wake. But if HM&D was never really the point anyways it sure does make a lot of sense.

-- Chamoisee (, May 01, 2001.

Pretty interesting, and scary stuff, I agree. BTW, did ya'll notice that your posts got deleted over on the "other" forum, and a new set of "rules" has now been issued?:( How come if Ken says it it's not political?

-- mary, texas (, May 01, 2001.

Wow. I just went to the Cutting Edge site, and frankly, the map comparisons are astounding. I didn't even think about the "rewilding" thing. But again, it just brings to my mind when Christ said that it will be as in the days of Noe (Noah). Whew.

Say, I took the time to write my state senator and congresswoman regarding this treatment of HMD, and all they could muster as answer for me was a form letterrr..."Thank you for writing to me regarding (insert topic here), we are very busy and will certainly take your viewpoint into consideration, please check on legislation at this site....Blah de blah", we do what we want, cause we are in charge.

Oh well. Thanks for the info everyone!

-- Doreen (, May 01, 2001.

The foot and mouth is letting up ?? And some think it was a success in the methods of "treatment"?? Amazing. I don't even want to try and project OUR future if any epidemic hits here. I know my neighbor's goats had F&M almost 8 yrs ago. The vets came out to put the small herd down. She argued that since she had recently bought them from an auction....they needed to find the source first ! Anyway, it was decided after talking with the vets at the state college; that if she kept them in the small pen[which had a good shelter and lots of SUNLIGHT]...they would monitor them. No treatment was given, and I SAW the blisters. She even had young goats in the herd which showed very little of the viral outbreak. After 30 days, the vets declared her herd fine and now immune for life. She, however, could not sell milk from them. I cannot give any names, etc. I am not sure how all this was even written up for the "record". It may all be "denied" at this point. But...the ground has since had many other animals grazing there. The belief is, that if you have healthy animals the chance of diseases hitting is much less...duh!!! God help us indeed if the AUTHORITIES take control in such a situation as what happened in the UK. This is all just my own opinion and I know I don't know the full story of the UK foot and mouth crisis-I hate to think it was a planned biosphere project. But...look at the planned insanity of adding the unnecessary flouride to our water ? Oh dear. Back to my puttin' in this year's garden...peace, Nan.

-- Nan Bignall (, May 03, 2001.

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