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I have some luffa that I need to plant, but I was curious as to whetherr grasshoppers show a great liking for the plants? I have tons of trellis' in my screenhouse already, and was hoping to plant the luffas out in the great outdoors, but if hoppers like them, I had better just put them in the screenhouse.

Obviously, I have never grown them before! I want to make goatmilk soap and fill the insides and sell them this fall, so I would really like to insure that I have a fair harvest. Thanks for any help!

-- Doreen (, April 28, 2001


I have grown them and not had much trouble but I don't have much trouble with grass hoppers. I have found them to be slow to start and I know they vine forever so you might want to put then in your scree house Grant

-- grant (, April 28, 2001.

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