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Hi all ,well I've been looking for some comfrey plants or roots in my area, Northwest Florida. No one around this area seems to know what I am talking about. Any of you folks have some roots or cuttings you would sell me. I really want to get some. From what I've read it is a good feed for chickens and goats. Thanks in advance,Daryll

-- Daryll (, April 28, 2001


Send me your e-mail and I'll send you a couple roots, no charge. God Bless

-- Cindy (SE In) (, April 28, 2001.

Hi Cindy, I sent you my snail mail address,thank you so much. Bye the way any of you guys want some stevia plant cuttings let me know I should have an excess in about three weeks,people in this area just don't want to try anything new. Daryll

-- Daryll (, April 28, 2001.

I'd like to try some of both! How's that for greedy? I have some heirloom basil seeds that are great, and some iffy armenian cuke seeds. Some germinated and some didn't. My mom's (which I gave her) all germinated just fine and mine just sat there and did nada. But I would be happy to share those as well. Let me know if anyone wants either of these, but use my real email!

-- Doreen (, April 28, 2001.

Hey Doreen, send your snail mail address and I'll make sure you get a couple of stevia cuttings. I'd like to try some of your cuke seeds.Daryll

-- Daryll (, April 29, 2001.

Comfrey is also an almost complete food for rabbits!!

So that D doesn't run out of starts, Parks, Pinetree and Bountiful Gardens all sell the seed....

-- Sue Diederich (, April 30, 2001.

Nichols sells the roots

-- Cindy (SE In) (, April 30, 2001.

Hi Sue, hey I have rabbits too,is there a website about comfrey as rabbit food? Thanks,Daryll

-- Daryll (, April 30, 2001.

Jerome Belanger's book "Raising the Homestead Hog" has a whole chapter on comfrey.

-- Rags (, June 10, 2001.

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