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Unable to afford the originals, is there resources for reproductons I can explore?

-- Michael E. Gray (, April 29, 2001


We have a site with original and reproduction Art Deco furniture and sofas and a few other intersting collectables

The address is

-- Salmon Schoeman (, June 03, 2001.

Check website for the best range of art deco furniture

-- Jarome Furman (, June 12, 2002.

Klooftique cordially invites you to our range of affordable originals as well as a range of Art déco reeditions on and

-- Sven Latsch (, August 04, 2002.

Try Mattaliano, an old chicago firm. They manufacture a host of art deco reproductions but they're not cheap. I saw a dining chair that retailed $2300.00 each. Holly Hunt carries the line. In fact almost everything Holly Hunt carries appears to be inspired by art deco originals. There are other designers like jaime perzcek, todd hase, barry barry and others who's designs closely resemble original art deco pieces. Also check our century furniture's Omni collection. Baker furniture also has a few lines that resemble art deco. For sofas and chairs try shapes collection (I forget the website address). You may also be able to commission a piece from a custom woodworker. There's a company out of NJ who's work has been featured numerous times in Architecutural Digest. I have one issue that features an apartment that was almost entirely furnished with Ruhlmann reproductions. I don't think it's inexpensive though. I saw one reproduction piece on eBay a while back, straight out of the Ruhlmann book. Bidding started at $50,000.

-- Jeff Cazeau (, November 09, 2002.

Also try

-- Jeff Cazeau (, November 15, 2002.

Hi all - I am hugely into the art deco time period and designs and am about to redo my bathroom. I wanted to share the most wonderful web site and warehouse that I have found. It's and their Gallery is located in Dallas, Texas. Enjoy!

-- Stephanie Richardson (, September 10, 2003.

Hello all!

I wanted to thank the previous poster's wonderful comments about our Gallery, Deco-Dence, located in Dallas, Texas. We do offer the largest selection of original Art Deco furnishings in the United States and possibly the world, all under one roof. Our 12,500 square foot showroom and warehouse is exclusively dedicated to all things Art Deco.

I would like to make a correction to the previous poster's information concerning our website as she misspelled our website address. The correct URL is: (dence with a "c" not an "s"). That is

Come visit us. Our extensive website lists only a few of the items actually available in our warehouse collection. We have dozens and dozens of bedroom suites, dining room suites, cocktail cabinets, occasional tables, desks, etc., that are not even listed on our website. So if you do not see what you are looking for, call (214- 744-3326) or e-mail at and we will be happy to assist.

We have a professional woodshop and make reproductions as well as provide exceptional refinishing of original designs. Let us show you what we can do for you!

-- Justin Burgess (, March 20, 2004.

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