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Did I miss something on this board? Last night on local ABC news there was vidio tape of a natural gas line explosion in Kentucky or Tennessee. Any print media on it?

-- PHO (, May 01, 2001


This is similar to what I heard on local San Diego evening television March 19, the day of the "sneak preview" electrical blackouts. A local power plant operator was interviewed, and said local power plants were underutilized, because the problem was that the electricity couldn't be transported where it was needed.

It "flashed by" quickly, and I listened intently for a repeat on the late news, with VCR (and battery/inverter!) at the ready, but in vain.

Yes, there is quite a cover up going on. But sometimes the clouds of Venus do part, however briefly and fleetingly.

-- Robert Riggs (, May 02, 2001.

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