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The message this Sunday was on preparation....NOT putting things off that need to be done. Yep, it's not only common sense, it's biblical. Drat. I have been "poking" around under my truck trying to determine why my speedometer quit working. It quit a long time ago, but I have a good sense of speed, so I just haven't fixed it, I have a feeling though that since I heard this message, I WILL be pulled over, for procrastination. Perhaps that's now a hate crime...?

Anyway, it's a Chevy 350 turbo tranny and on the driver's side where the speedometer cable goes into the rear of the tranny is a screw on fixture to hold the cable. This does hod the cable, but it seems to spin in the socket. I understand that the bolt to the rear of it should come out and reveal a plastic piece that may be worn down. Is that right? That bolt won't budge for me. Period. I wd'd it, I torched it, I wrenched it, I let it soak. Nada. Is this the bolt that reveals the plastic or no? The speedometer seems to be hooked up just fine at the dash and is tight in the spinning socket, if you know what I mean. I appreciate any tips on this. My dad always says it's because it's a Chevy. But I like Cleo.

-- Doreen (, May 01, 2001


You could try an impact driver.They only cost about $20 and are a good edition to any tool box.mount the appropriate socket and bash it with a machinists hammer(sledge).It will either break loose or break off.(then you can drill and tap a new hole)I don't know if removeing this bolt will expose the part you want or not as I am not familier with this tranny.Do trace the cable from the back of the speedo and if it winds up where you are working then have at is a simple cable device.some newer cars use a magnetic pick up and a wire rather than a cable.If the cable is too much hassle to replace there are kits that will convert your truck from a mechanical speedo to an electronic speedo.It is a magnet that glues to the drive shaft and a pick up that mounts near it.You set it according to wheel size and gear ratio and you are done.

-- greg (, May 02, 2001.

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