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For North American viewers: Heads up about a June 5 TeeVee (Public Broadcasting Service) show on California's energy crisis. I know this is a long month from now, but I just happened to see it listed at

"And June 5 FRONTLINE and The New York Times join forces to investigate the story behind California's energy crisis. "Blackout" examines whether power companies and energy trading companies capitalized on deregulation to make huge profits and explores what actions the new Bush administration will take to address what the president is now calling a national crisis. "

Frontline shows are usually quite well done and worth catching even if you don't watch much TV.

-- Andre Weltman (, May 02, 2001


Thanks Andre

Frontline has always been my favorite. Will try to remember to watch.

Maybe some will reminds us Kids come June.

-- Martin Thompson (, May 02, 2001.

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