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Welcome to the first topic for discussion: who are we and what would we like to say and do about the Broadway Tunnel Mini Park.

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Thank you.

-- gary gach (, May 03, 2001


I recently wrote a similar email to Supervisor Peskin. I believe Leland Yee had filibustered the Park & Rec's decision to make our park a leash-only one for dogs. Park & Rec told me that the delaying of action due to Supervisor Yee has put OTHER projects on hold ... Supervsor Peskin has told me in private conversation that he was waiting until after the municipal elections. Once Supervisor Yee was no longer sitting on the Board of Supervisors, he (Peskin) would act -- and felt that the State of California might be necessary to clean up the site -- as it's a real health hazard (such as for CalOsha).

Note: Washington Square Park has a sign saying dogs must have a leash - and it cites the civil code for that. How much bigger is Washington Square than our little park!? AND it doesn't have a fence! And yet our little park has turned into a barkpark for dogwalkers who don't always keep track of their four-legged charges.

-- gary gach (, November 25, 2002.

"Neighbors for BTW Mini Park Restoration" include all of us who wish to restore the mini park to a garden park and oppose it being converted to an off-leash dog area. I (Sue Shockey) am acting as organizer/contact person because I have time in my schedule. If we all keep in touch, share ideas for restoring the park, and work together we will be able to accomplish a lot. I can be contacted at or by phone: 415-673-6960 or mail: 7 Cyrus Place, SF, CA 94109-2705.

-- Susan Shockey (, May 11, 2001.

Can you please give more information on this matter. What do you mean by Garden Park? What is meant by Off Leash Dog area? What are the limitations of a Garden Park to dog owners. What are the objections to a Garden Park? What are the benefits?

Thank you.

Janis Reynolds

-- Janis Reynolds (, May 16, 2001.

Hi Janis,

A garden park means we would like to plant grass, plant flowers (either as flower beds in the mini park or perhaps a border of flowers planted around the perimeter instead of having the fence. The purpose of this discussion board and the surveys are to find out how the neighbors would like to use the park.

In addition to grass and flowers, many people would like the tiny toddlers area redone so that it can be used again. This mini park used to have all these things and was enjoyed by those of us who live near it, as well as by people passing by who wanted to enjoy a brief rest. Often UPS, postal delivery people, etc. would stop and have a quick lunch break at the picnic table that used to be there.

An off-leash dog area means that the fence remains and that there would probably be wood chips or straw (I'm not sure) rather than grass. Some dog advocates believe that it is possible to have grass in an off-leash dog area, however, my belief is that in such a tiny park, that would be impossible. The number of dogs being brought in there and allowed to go off leash would certainly kill any grass that was planted. Flowers would be out of the question.

While dogs may need off-leash areas, it is the feelings of many of us that this mini park is totally too small and unsuitable for that purpose. To find out more about off-leash dog areas, the dog advocacy organization, SFDog, has a web site that you may want to visit. I believe the link is Also the SFSPCA has a section on their website about dog advocacy issues,

The limitations to dog owners if the park is restored as a garden park is that dogs would need to be on a leash. The objections to the garden park is that dogs would not be allowed off leash.

As mentioned earlier, a greater number of people would benefit from a garden park which would provide a lovely, natural setting to sit and relax in, have a picnic, provide a play area for tiny toddlers, etc. If turned into an off-leash dog area, only dog walkers and dog owners could enjoy it.

I hope this answers your questions and clarifies things a bit.

Sue Shockey

-- Sue Shockey (, May 17, 2001.

I remember back in the late 80's when first moving to this neighborhood that the park had grass, flowers and the sound of children laughing and playing. I do miss this about the park and wonder why the city stopped taking care of it. Certainly dogs aren't making the decisions down at City Hall.

I would want whatever restoration to include usage by everyone in and around the neighborhood. If this park is turned into an "off leash" dog park then it would remain as it is now, off limits to everyone except dog owners. I know folks in the neighborhood with dogs and think they should be able to use the park along with the people I know who have children.

I can imagine a fence less park with circular areas in the middle of the grassy areas that are flower beds. This would be easier to maintain than a border of flower beds around the park itself, (suggested by Sue Shockey in a response to a message in here,) that would also be trampled by "short cuts" when pedestrians cut across the a park without a fence.

Children playing, people resting or eating lunch and folks walking their dogs would be a nice alternative to what's there now. If this is the vision of those that are behind this restoration project too, then I will support it as well.

-- Jack Gilder (, May 19, 2001.

Hi Jack,

"Neighbors for BTW Mini Park Restoration" is an informal organization of all of us (you included) who want the park restored and oppose it becoming an official off-leash dog area. That basically is the fundamental vision. We all have different ideas on specifically what we would like to see done, which is why I am trying to get surveys from everyone so that together we can work out a plan for the mini park that we all can agree on. Gary Gach has created this discussion board to help those of us with Internet access share ideas.

I suggested a border of flowers (preferably in a low brick planter, although I doubt that is in the Rec. & Park budget) as a replacement to the fence and to create a sense of border around the perimeter. However, a flower bed like there used to be several years ago would be fine too. Does anyone else have ideas on this?

Please, everyone, fill out surveys with your suggestions, and please sign the petition. Before any restoration can take place we need to get a final decision about whether or not this park will become an off-leash dog area. That determines what the Rec. & Park Dept. will do.

I'll be at the mini park this morning, May 19th between 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, and also on Tuesday evening, May 22nd from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Or sign the online petition at: Please sign only one or the other (we must not get duplicate signatures).


Sue Shockey

-- Sue Shockey (, May 19, 2001.


Broadway Tunnel West Mini-Park Status Update Request to Aaron Peskin

Supervisor Peskin,

I would like to know the status of the Broadway Tunnel West (BTW) Mini-Park in light of the new dog leash law policy.

In particular, when will this park be converted back to people use as it is by definition too small to be a unleashed dog park.

We came several times to voice our opinion at your town hall meetings (March 24, 2001 at Spring Valley Elementary School and again on May 05, 2001 at the Grace Cathedral) and it was very evident that there was significant interest to get the park restored to a people park. Additionally, on May 18, 2001, the neighborhood held a petition drive

What is happening? We have been very busy in our personal life and have not had any time to follow up with subsequent action. I just looked at the park yesterday and it looks like it is still a gated unleash dog area!!! Nothing has changed!!!

When will you have the new unleashed dog policy enforced at the Broadway Mini-Park. Specifically, the removal of the wire fence and the landscaping renewed?

We felt that you would be doing something about this.

Hubert and Sue Lee

-- Hubert and Sue Lee (, November 25, 2002.

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