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Yesterday I planted more than 100 tomato plants, squash and basil. This morning I hilled the potatoes, transplanted broccoli and cabbage and got the beds ready for peppers. Cabbage isn't doing well but the broccoli is. I also harvested an old oil filter, several pieces of glass and a whole bunch of rocks.

I can handle the TroyBilt now on the first two levels, but that third one...only on very level ground(we're on a slope.)

What's growing in your garden?

-- Cindy (SE In) (, May 04, 2001


Unfortunately for me, the question is what will be, instead of what is... Still major freezes every night here! Don't have anywhere near the space you seem to, so its about 16 tomatoes, 12 peppers, broccoli, spaghetti and zucchini sqash, corn, peas, carrots, beans, etc. Tons of herbs, though (!!!!) Not used to this... Spent my life in zone 5 and would already have everything in already back home!!

-- Sue Diederich (, May 04, 2001.

I am finally, WAAAY behind schedule becuase of hte move, getting my hands dirty this weekend, planting TONs of vegetables, the volume of which will be Far too much for me to handle canning, freezing, drying, giving away, etc., but I'm game for the challenge. Isn't life grand??

We're doing tomatoes, bellpeppers, 6 kinds of hot peppers, carrots, beans, peas, potatoes, beets, radishes, zucchini, collards, okra, eggplant, leeks, onions, NZ spinach, canteloupes, watermelons, cucumbers right now, and more planned for late crops. I'm also putting in a TON of herbs, some for cooking, some just because I want to give it a shot. : )

I certainly hope I can get the hang of a pressure cooker, or we're going to be in serious trouble LOL Have a great week all,

-- Kristin, in La. (, May 04, 2001.

A hundred tomato plants! Are you planning on selling them? Or do you do a lot of canning?

I haven't planted a thing in the garden, except for a rose bush today (Peace). Don't know why, I just can't seem to get excited or even remotely interested in the garden this year. Usually I start planting the minute there's a patch of bare ground peeking through the snow and continue planting until I'm too exhausted to weed and thin what's coming up all over the garden! We do have a lot of volunteers though, including spinach, kale, sunflowers, collards, sorrel and various greens. I have been planting daylilies- mature plants, seedlings, seeds, daylilies are just as bad as goats for an addiction! Good thing they're edible, huh?

-- Rebekah (, May 04, 2001.

My garden is doing really well at last! I have about 15 tomato plants, cukes, zucchini, basil, carrots, endive asparagus, artichoke, yellow squash, luffa and what not. 100 tomato plants is staggering. I don't have any real produce yet, but soon! God bless!!!

-- Doreen (, May 05, 2001.

2 years ago I planted arund 150 tomato plants, between the drought, blight, blossom end rot and a little nuisance kid, I only ended up with 4 bushels to sell. Last year I had plants grow to being over 5' tall and huge around and only ended up with 3 bushels to sell due to blight from way too much rain. So......The last several years have been hard for gardening and farming.

Ever since Indiana legalized gambling- horse in Anderson, the "boats along the Ohio River, our weather has gotten "very strange". God has used weather/natural disasters to get people's attention throughout time. Wish people would listen.

-- Cindy (SE In) (, May 05, 2001.

Larry has gone back to work today and I'm back on the computer after two weeks of hardly being on at all! We did lots of gardening while he was off. My cabbage, broccoli and Romaine lettuce is looking great. Lettuce is actually ready to start picking it's just so pretty, I hate too!!!! We have got green onions out of the garden - Larry loves them! We planted Armenian cukes (!), pickling cukes, cantelope, zucchini seeds, yellow squash seeds, spaghetti squash seeds, early green beans, some Jacobs cattle beans and 3 early tomato plants. I have about 50 more tomato plants to set out. I'm letting them harden off now. Hope to can lots this year! Looks like we might have a good crop of blackberries this year, yum, jam! My strawberries I planted a few weeks ago are looking good and we also set out some raspberry canes. Taters and snow peas are finally coming up, I had about given up on them. We need rain too, desperately. We did get about 1/4 inch over night but need much more. Preacher said in church yesterday that God was going to send some last night, and he had his umbrella ready! We have really been praying for rain and I just know God will send more soon. It's even overcast today. Cindy, I never thought about the casinos and such coming about the same time as the droughts we've had in Ky. the past few years too. Something to think about.

-- Barb (, May 07, 2001.

Addendum: we got 1 1/2 inches of rain Monday night/Tuesday morning!! Thank you Jesus, our prayers were answered!!

-- Barb (, May 10, 2001.

Here in western WA (zone 8) I have a lot of wind. My usual date for setting plants out is 5/20, but with the wind and cool temps this year am just finishing. I have set out 160 corn plants 2-3" tall, a lot of zucchini which I feed to the ducks, eggplant, butternut and sweet meat squash, tomatoes, gr. peppers, pickle and slicing cukes, swiss chard and will plant bush green beans when it gets warmer, all in the big garden. Have 6 4'X12' raised beds around the greenhouse - 2 of strawberries, the others romaine lettuce, shallots, Stutgart onions ( they keep till the next years are ready) and carrots. Am envious of your 100 tomato plants! I had 100 last year to can, and the weather was so bad I did not get one tomato from them, so am just growing to eat this year and 'gonna buy ones to can. I save all my gal. milk jugs, cut the bottoms out and set them over the transplants as I set them out. I save them from year to year stacked in black plastic bags. I have 2' bamboo sticks that I poke through the hole into the ground to anchor them. So far, everything is doing well.

-- Duffy (, June 10, 2001.

Speaking of gardens, visit:


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