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I just bought a bunch of keets and I want to keep three pair in isolation for all of eternity so that I may actually get eggs to brood from them. Does anyone know how large a pen for six grown guineas should be? I have read books on training them to go back into their coop at night and all that, but I have older guineas who run wild and corrupt my replacements. So I MUST keep some confined. Thanks for your thoughts!

-- Doreen (, May 10, 2001


Doreen, my experience has been that guinea males in confinement adopt the Highlander attitude---there can be only one. In the end, the stronger and more aggressive male killed off the others. You only need to put one male in with the females. If you want to confine more than one male, you will have to make separate pens for them and their lady loves. I think they are supposed to have the same space requirements as chickens of that size, about 3 square feet, but if you want them to breed and brood they will probably need more space than that. They will also need to have someplace in the coop that they think is completely hidden from the rest of the world or I don't think they will brood.

-- Green (, May 10, 2001.

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