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So what does the people on this board do?

I'll start.

Me, I have 20 years business experience. I am an inventor, writer of short stories (been published) and Information Specialist. I'm an avid reader averaging 3 books a week. I've ran a wood shop, mixed chemicals and been President of three corporations. My greatest asset (other than my family) is my Problem Solving ability.

My wife has great computer skills (Office suite 2000, Win 3.1,95 & 98, Powerpoint, Excel, She can scan, cleanup pics, etc) She has management skills as she has supervised 20 employees at different plants. She is an excellent cook, home taught alternative herb "doctor", She is very good with the public. She loves animals and gardening.

What about ya'll?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), May 11, 2001


...Information Specialist..."

Would 491x1 mean anything in particular to you?

-- William in Wi (gnarledmaw@lycos.com), May 11, 2001.

Hmmmm... what do I do... see - this is hard because it changes so frequently!

I spend most days on the computer, either here or volunteering at our COC. Take care of four 'big dumb animals' - our three labs and shepard, plus the cat and rabbits. Was going to raise the bunnies for meat, but they sell for more than I'd save to eat 'em. I've owned my own business for most of my 'working' life, while usually maintaining a full-time job to boot. Have owned a cleaning service, a bookstore, am a certified hypnotist/herbalist/massage therapist. Also have a AA in Forestry. Perpetual Professional Student, I guess!

My daughter Jen is back in IL with my folks - so she can stay at her old school. She wants to go to U of I for veterinary medicine. Wonderful grades, but Mom says she's a pain in the butt... lol!

Married my husband Rich in August last year. He works for a lumber holding/wholesale company in Boise. Spent 23 years at Hines lumber before that, and also runs his own 'handy man' business. Loves to putz around the house with the scrap lumber he brings home - he built the Taj Mahal for our bunnies when they came home!

He's a city boy, I'm a country girl... He is very eager to learn, and wants to be as self-sufficient as we can get. We both love animals (we'd BETTER!!!) and he loves to help out in the gardens. etc. etc.


-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), May 11, 2001.

Information Specialist

Means a lot of things for example I found a T-Rex Dinosaur tooth for a museum. A replacement plastic formula for health product. Often I locate specific Contacts with-in corporations. When corporations need products or specific pieces of a puzzle solved they call me.

Just today I found a contact for a gentleman that had wasted 2 weeks searching. I located the right contact in little over an hour.

I've put together parades, concerts and seminars. When you want something done and done "right" Call Kenneth. {That's Me}

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), May 11, 2001.

I have run a business in a haphazard fashion, meaning I loathe paperwork and would rather do the work, for 8 years. I print t shirts, plant gardens, kill grasshoppers, take care of animals, read like it's my calling, worry very well, play music a bit, write occasionally, and have a cursory knowledge of many many things in the "fix it" field. In my spare time, I'm a neat freak and I like to have a regular shower schedule.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), May 11, 2001.

In my younger days, I worked at a land title company. Since marrying, I have been a stay at home,and the last eight or nine years homeschool mom. Six children, oldest off to BYU this fall(after a couple of semesters at community college), youngest four. Enjoy raising dairy goats, chickens, gardens, fruit, and of course, the children;) Hubby is a computer software specialist, calls his job "company Geek";) Will be moving us to Colorado this week to be near his work.

-- mary, texas (marylgarcia@aol.com), May 12, 2001.

Education and work background: I graduated high school and had one year at a small Christian College. Cleaned houses/etc., worked at farm/produce markets, a greenhouse, and a state park, as well as various other jobs such as a clown for a few days. I've moved 75 times including my homesless times. Odd jobs are handy then.

-- Cindy (SE In) (atilrthehony_1@yahoo.com), May 13, 2001.

I am divorced and have 3 grown sons who live with me. They are about to be 21, 19, and 17. I was married 12 years, been divorced for 13. I've been a clerk in a dollar store as well as clothing store, Billing clerk for a trucking company, billing clerk for two different hospitals, administrative secretary for a hospital, done income taxes, truck farming, sold Avon, and worked as secretary for a couple of other places. I really cannot remember all the jobs anymore. I have a secretarial certificate, computer operator's certificate, and associate degree in computer information systems. I hate all of it. I want to farm. I have chickens, guineas, ducks, geese, horses, dogs and cats, rabbits, and parakeets. I've raised or attempted to raise most any vegetable crop that can be considered southern, except soybeans and sugar cane. My uncle raised cane, in more ways than one. LOL I can sew and can, but not pickle, and so far this year, not make jam either. It keeps turning out runny. I'm making fruit syrup when I didn't mean to. I live in the house my parents built on land that's been in the family since 1914. Members of my family on both sides have been here in this county since 1850 or before. I have more kinfolks here than you can shake a stick at. More kinfolks than I'd like to have here. Oh, and I'm cheap. My relatives claim I squeeze a nickel till it dies! LOL

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), May 14, 2001.

I found this site rather late, but I hope someone wanders back over and finds me. I'm a late middle-aged wife, mother, and grandma, ex- veterinary tech, presently working at a garden center in the nearest little town. We have goats, chickens, dogs, garden and orchard in western Arkansas. Hubby plays bluegrass and Southern gospel, in fact is practicing his mandolin right behind me and is very distracting. But, I've had him around for 35 years, so I think I'll keep him. He works part-time for the Forest Service, and says he's never seen any of those trucks with funny-looking insignia. I say he's not looking hard enough. He's very conservative, but not much of a conspiracy theorist. We are both Christians, both love country living, and would have to have a very clear call from God to go back to the city. I'm enjoying it here, next.

-- melina b. (goatgalmjb1@hotmail.com), May 30, 2001.

I own and operate a Handyman service in Monmouth and Ocean counties in Central NJ. We specialize in screen door and window repairs but handle all types of home repair such as drywall repairs, small engine repair, powerwashing, rekeying locks, fences, decking, and more we also handle installation of appliances and small painting projects. Our customers also contract us to open and close their summer homes and take care of custodial duties while away on vaction. The one thing that sets our compnay apart from all the other home repair companies in our area is we return you phone calls and show up to give free estimates when called upon. "Hope to see you soon Neighbor."

Your Handy Neighbor, Gary Therien

-- Gary Therien (Gary @yourhandy neighbor.com), July 17, 2003.

I'm glad I found this website(by mis-stake). I had the good fortune of hiring Your Handy Neighbor to do a large list of things around my house. Since I live alone and can't do many of the things my house needed I was in search of a Handyman who could do all the projects around my home. For me to hire a plumber, electrician, a window guy and someone to clear out my attic would have been too costly. When I found Gary from "Your Handy Neighbor" on this website I decided to call and was surprised to get a return call within 10 minutes. He agreed to come out and give me an estimate the next day. I was happy with all costs and Your Handy Neighbor came in the following week for two days and got everything done. I don't know how other companies can compete against a company like Your Handy Neighbor. They show up when they say they will and do a very professional job. All my Neighbors have now asked for their phone number so they can get their list of "to do's" finished also.I like these guys so much I'm going to put their phone number here for everyone who might need their services as a way of saying thank you- 732-295-0040. I know I will never call anyone else except for Your Handy Neighbor, the best handy man service in New Jersey bar none to do my home repairs. Thanks for everything guys!

Taiya M

-- Taiya (Taiyam@aol.com), July 20, 2003.

Good commercial for the handy dandy guys Tayia. How much are they paying you to advertise for them?

-- joe spider (joe@spiderweb.com), July 20, 2003.

I pay claims for a major health insurance company from my home 50 hours a week...have raised stepkids and got them out of the nest and still have my own 15 and 12 yr old girls at home,so I am their chauffer still to all the ballgames,dances,skating,etc...have 8 grandkids (step)who are in and out of here all the time...I take care of a large 4 bedroom house,do whatever cooking and laundry I can't con the 15 yr old into doing...have a large yard that I do all the mowing and trimming of,planting flowers,tomatoes,pumpkins most years,caring for 3 dogs,7 cats,and a tank of fish...not to mention my hubby who drives truck for a living and is building his first stockcar to race,and he's a slob around the house so that's like having a couple more kids!!!!!!!!! haha That's why the front of our barn says THE FUNNY FARM on it....

-- Lisa in Mich (funnyfarm1995@hotmail.com), March 02, 2004.

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