Minature cattle

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I live in North Central Fl. I'm interested in minature cattle. Are there any breeders in this area. Any information would be helpful. Thanks. JT

-- John "JT" Thomas (gainesvilleflrealtor@hotmail.com), May 12, 2001



The Minature Cattle Breeders Society, which advertises in Countryside magazine ,lists the web sites www.minicattle.com and info@minicattle.com in the ad.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL. (jayblair678@yahoo.com), May 12, 2001.

We just bought a Dexter! Theres info and useful links at http://www.dextercattle.org/

-- David C (fleece@eritter.net), May 12, 2001.

The mini cattle registry mentioned earlier will give you info on 19 breeds (or more) of mini cattle. It's an eye opener into your options for mini's. Registries will also provide you with a breeders list.


-- animalfarms (jwlewis@indy.net), May 23, 2001.

I am looking to raise minature cattle here in Northwest Florida as well... most likely some of the afrikan breeds ... or even something with a zebu link.. I do not think I want anything to do with the Low Line... I want somethinbg that is small and manageable, more like a super goat.. which could be of value to the type of people now moiving into rural area WITH HOBBY FARMS... Lets say we term them Hobby Cows!!! I suspect that a market could be created for these as pet cows... Charlie Murphy

-- Charles Murphy (cmurphy206@aol.com), March 20, 2002.

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