Week of May 13, 2001 (We made it this far!)

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-- Anonymous, May 12, 2001


Meg, Tom and I had a great day on Saturday visiting Pine Hill, Phoenicia and Olive. Phoenicia had a good stream of traffic at the post office from 10:30 - 12:00. We got good responses from many people and even a polite nod from our opponents. Olive Little League had some positive responses as well. Pine Hill was empty which made for a relaxing Indian (non-Onteora) lunch.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the really hard work and perserverance it took us to get this far. It has taken such great strength and together we have demonstrated to the community our relentless resolve in pursing the highest goals for education in our schools. We have gained the respect of many neighbors and friends.

Win or lose, we can sleep well at night and proudly hold our heads high knowing we did the right thing. It is a noble endeavor to fight for your beliefs in such a divisive atmosphere

For me, it was a great opportunity to get to know some people better and make a lot of new friends. I just want to express my gratitude for everyone's hard work and enduring sense of humor.

It also must be mentioned that Tom and Meg have worked so dilligently and fearlessly. The abuse and harrasment they endured was plainly ugly and, to me, simply unacceptable in a civil democracy. They deserve our highest thanks and most honored respect. Thank you, Meg and Tom. Thank you SOS'ers!!

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2001

A few more things...

We need to set up a schedule for people to attend the poll watching on election day and arrange for safe houses with a few phone lines available near the polling places to pull the vote later in the day.

Here's what is happening, at 11am we will meet at the Careys to confirm our schedule and to get an overview of our procedures.

We will have 2 people at each polling location for the time they can commit and have a schedule so that they are replaced by another volunteer when they leave. Figure a slight time overlap for anyone who can't attend the 11am meeting to show the procedures to the newcommers.

The start of the day will be at 1:30pm to witness the machines setup at the polling places. Perhaps shifts of 2-4 hours. Whatever time people can volunteer.

This can be problematic therefore we need to get info on the availability of volunteer schedules ASAP to this bbs. PLEASE START TO ARRANGE FOR COMMITMENTS OF TIMES ASAP.

Then there will be a meeting at the high school to announce the results and a board meeting to officially verify the results. The board does have an earlier meeting that night and it may segue right into this time.

Then we have all been invited to the Carey's house...to celebrate!!

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2001

Hi everyone! I am disappointed I won't be here for the end results. I knew I was going to be in Cape Cod on Tuesday, picking up my son from an environmental trip. I already handed in my absentee ballot. Then the week got crazy...last minute my son's support aide couldn't go with him. so, I'm going. Darn! I'll miss everything.

My heart is with you all. The best part of this whole experience was meeting great people with conviction and chutzvah! Love to everyone.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

And then I think we can take at least 3 days off before starting to plan next year's strategies. :)

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

I echo Jim's and Melissa's praise and appreciation. We are a really great bunch, and I think our hard work will pay off with victory!!! Meg & Tom: you are fabulous!!! And everybody else, too!!!

I'll be at Woodstock all day, if need be. Anybody else covering there? Really looking forward to Tuesday night.......

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

Jim just mentioned to Ted that this morning at the Boiceville Market, some flyers for Perry/Johansen were inserted into copies of the NY Times. If we lose, we could evidently bring the NY Times into it for theft of services, and make a fuss with the Board of Elections? Ted's off to get a copy now, if the one he gets has a flyer in it, I've asked him to have the manager sign it.

The sign on my front lawn disappeared last night, just 20 feet from where I was sleeping. I am replacing it not with a nice new one, but with an old Hillary sign turned inside out and hand-lettered. It will say something like "sign stolen Mother's Day Eve. Vote Meg and Tom." for the highest pathos quotient. If someone puts a Perry sign on your private property, I'm sure a "Private property: no littering" done in a thick black marker over their lettering would be allowable. (Photograph in place to show that it is on your property).

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

Yes the NY times did have an inset of the Perry/Johansen Care pamphlet. I notified the Boiceville Market manager and the Olive police have a record of this on their blotter. I will call the NY Times tomorrow to notify them of the incident. It is really up to them to press "theft of service" from CARE.

Also the Kingston Freeman ahd the inset.lease check your papers as I have only one confirmation of this from Carol Yager-Silverman in Boiceville.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

one more day before the election and we're tingling...feels good and before the results come flooding in, just a reminder that our house will be totally available for those who wish to come by, before, during or after the results come in. If anyone needs or wants to be here before the end results, let us know and we'll be sure the "lights" are on. it could be a long night with a slow count...we need to be sure that there is order at the polling places...special watch needed in the western part of the district.


PS I Had another great reception handing out Myths and Facts and the Truth about Money at Hurely Ridge Market on Sat PM...Meg plans to be there tomorrow for one last hurrah at 4:30 or so...

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

Finished off putting up our last 10-12 Meg & Tom signs from 6;30-7:30 this morning all along Rte 28 west of Glenford (sounds like a cowboy movie) hitting the public corners I have been eyeing for weeks.

One day to go. Huffing and puffing... Tobe

On Wedesday, please pick up publicly placed signs and SAVE the metal stands...we can use them for next year's race (there will be one!!!)

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

Maybe we should save the entire sign, so we can turn the old ones inside out for handwritten "Sign stolen. Vote for ___ and ___" signs.

While I think these are far more environmentally sound than the sturdier ones we used last year, I do want to mention that last year's have been successfully re-used by us throughout the year to provide safe, lightweight packing for some of the rare books we have to ship.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

If Fred Perry is on disability, why did I see him on Rt 28 using a sledge hammer pounding in MORE signs? Maybe that really is a bullet proof vest he wears.....also, my son Zach came home from the Boiceville Market last night about 6:30 to tell me that Mr. Goodman was handing out materials in their parking lot. Goodman came right up to them asked them if they were voters and tried to give them material....Zach promptly told him that it was Carey & Rosato all the way. I guess Boiceville Market isn't quite so dedicated to not allowing any campaigning as we thought.....

And as for me...well, I need to set aside at least 20 minutes each day to go out and verbally attack senior citizen neighbors. (Thank you Bev Stein--Ulster Townsman letter, ouch). As usual, I suppose her statement could be viewed as somewhat accurate if you stood on your head, closed one eye and had someone spin you around. But that is about how close the CARE people get to the truth.

Heard a rumor that Joe Doan will not run for reelection. He has met a wonderful young woman who lives in Florida and wants to spend more time with her. Choke Choke Choke.

The finish line is in sight. Win or lose, we gave them the best we got. It has been grand working with all these new people. Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this a better place to live and raise our kids. It is going to be a long day soooo..let the games begin!

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

This is it! The day we have all been working for. I am exhausted, bruised, burned to a crisp and really glad this is all but over. No matter what the outcome, we can all be proud that our effort was total and complete. I do not believe that any campaign of the past worked so hard, raised more money or more awareness, and had the support of students, teachers, community members and friends. There is no better feeling than to have the support and commitment of those you respect and admire. I thank you all.

Those I know and worked closely with, discussed strategy with, argued with, laughed with, know how I feel about their efforts. However I am simply amazed at the level of commitment of those that I don't know personally who worked so hard on this campaign. An extra special thanks to you folks.

I also want to some how express how appreciative I am of the time I spent campaigning with Meg. During this time I have come to know Meg on a more personal level. We have had many opportunities to discuss our educational philosophies, our goals for the Onteora schools and our ability (or at times inability) to endure the indignities and pain of a brutal campaign. Meg you have my renewed respect and admiration.

Most of all I want to thank my wife and family for putting up with my grumpiness, the phone calls at the dinner table, my absence, and for picking up and/or dropping off the kids all those times when I was out. THANK YOU

PS Phyllis and I are planning a party for you all. We are thinking Saturday June 9, Covered Dish, When we have the details together we will get the word out.

CARPE DIEM! Tom Rosato

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

What a terrific group of people to work with! I look forward to continued involvement with you in Phase II. No matter what the outcome tonight, we still have other board seats to regain next year to get the focus back on education. It's been an incredibly educational experience for me, working first on the mascot issue and then on this election. I've learned a whole lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and feel that what I've gained from this will be used to repay the community for the valuable education this has been.

Meg and Tom, it has been a privilege to assist you. Your commitment to this community has been exceptional.

I've started carrying a little disposable camera in my purse for little Kodak moments such as you describe, Betsy. Tonight might be a good time to have one on hand. And if you are at the school, check your tires before driving off.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

Thanks to all...hard to put it in words, but not too much more to say after Tom said it all..Ditto from me. Tom, you are terrific... and the whole community gains when so many people are concerned and active. Thanks to all...

Indeed we'll start looking at next year's election real soon...

Love to all and again thanks from the bottom of my heart to all who helped so much. Meg

PS see you after the elections.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

Can I get some clarification on the Boiceville Market's stated position (verbal or in writing) about campaigning or campaign literature there? I was annoyed to find Perry flyers at the ends of both active checkout counters when I stopped there after voting this afternoon . Hurley Ridge Market is probably not any farther away for me...

Turnout fairly light so far at Bennett, at least when I was there. Thanks to Irene and the rest of you who are overseeing and phoning.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

Next Day...victory still in the air above our kitchen table where last night so many fabulous folks gathered and celebrated.

Now to build a program that helps the district do some of the things we talked about in the campaign.

details, details, details.

Please retrieve any stray signs left throughout (and beyond) the district. We'll take any and all signs, especially the metal stakes which we'll use "next year." If anyone has use for the cardboard, speak up. At least they didn't get wet.

So many thanks and so much appreciation is due all around for an incredible campaign run...for some it's been a year or so in coming...can we expand upon our momentun?

Love to all, Tobe (and Meg, who's on the phone still "parsing" the votes [!])

Did you notice that 304 voters who voted for the budget declined to vote in the mascot referendum?

Totals: 4112 votes cast for Prop #1 Budget 3800 votes cast for Prop #2 Spending the $150,000 3750 voted cast for Prop #3 Lease $18,000 for offices 3808 voted cast for Prop #4 Mascot

Chris Johansen Shandaken 397 Olive 590 Woodstock 276 Hurley 381 Total: 1644

Margaret Carey Shandaken 292 Olive 491 Woodstock 809 Hurley 427 Total: 2019

Thomas Rosato Shandaken 298 Olive 475 Woodstock 783 Hurley 411 Total: 1967

Michael Goodman Shandaken 101 Olive 171 Woodstock 127 Hurley 148 Total 547

Frederick Perry Shandaken 438 Olive 618 Woodstock 247 Hurley 391 Total: 1694

Enjoy your day. Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

Congratulations all round. With the exception of the hairsbreadth vote on the **** mascot, this was a rock solid win for Meg, Tom and commonsense. The solid Woodstock turnout seems to be what won the day (which was expected, or at least devoutly hoped for). Looking at Olive, Johansen & Perry took 51 percent of the vote (25% & 26% respectively) whereas Meg and Tom took 41 percent (21% & 20%). Olive & Shandaken are both predictably reactionary but despite the ten point aggregate spread Meg and Tom were individually within easy hailing distance of the favorite sons of those villages in the voting returns. I find that an encouraging augury for the future.

And speaking of the future, once we have celebrated and breathed deeply, I believe that it is time to begin working on tactics and a war chest for next year. This campaign has demonstrated that SOS is able to pull together an extraordinary diversity of talents (thanks in large part to Jim's excellent direction -- Jim, were you a campaign manager in some former life)? Printing was a big, big cost item but an incredibly important one, as was advertising. My concern is that CARE (if it doesn't factionalize -- one can but hope) may have been somewhat complacent and have assumed that they had this election sewn up. They won't be under that illusion next time and, with the board majority at stake, they are likely to pull out all the stops next time. It behooves us to be ready to hit the ground running in mid-March or earlier with a coherent plan and the means to fulfill it.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

Sleep glorious sleep...Wow! What a ride and great outcome.

Just in case you don't know it, people around the country are responding to our election victory with congratulations...online in various "mascot" related groups and notes from friends who live far and near.

Good job by all!

Meg and I will be away for the next few days, but we'll be back by Sunday. Love to all Tobe

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2001

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