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My neighbour has about 20 or so Pin Oak trees planted shoulder to shoulder around his house. The trees are about 25ft. tall. They are infested with Armour Scale. He asked me about any biological/resposible controls for this problem. I suggested dormant oil spray in the early spring, but he wanted something he could use now. The thought of spraying 20 ft. tall trees didn't appeal to him too well either. Do any of you know of a biological control for Armour Scale? If not, is there a 'responsible' treatment that any of you are aware of? He tried the local extension office, and the local university: neither could even IDENTIFY the pest, let alone offer ANY control options. Thanks in advance.

-- StevenB (, May 12, 2001


I thought Neem oil would work, so I went a lookin' here's a site that tells you what it does....

It also says it helps in hopper control!!! Wish I had gotten that tic of info last year...sigh. I used it on my fungus gnats and was quite pleased with how ell it worked. You can buy it Ace hardware under the Schultz GreenLight name and possibly larger Wally Worlds. Ours is small and didn't have it. Good luck to your friend!

-- Doreen (, May 12, 2001.

Wow! that solved two problems at once! Flea beetles are consuming my eggplants faster than I can pick them off.(but won't touch the peppers right beside the eggplants - weird) Neem oil is effective against them too! Thanks from both of us!

-- StevenB (, May 12, 2001.

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