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I thought some of you might be interested in this article. I personally believe there are UFO's and extra terrestrials....I DO NOT know what/who they are but when I look in the sky I wonder if God would put all His eggs in one basket??? Anyway, I think it's about time we get some real disclosure on this stuff. Enjoy...maybe:}

Government is covering up UFO evidence, group says


     The U.S. government has been covering up evidence of extraterrestrial visits for more than 50 years, an array of 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers said Wednesday.      They demanded Congress hold hearings on what they say is long-standing secret U.S. involvement with UFOs and extraterrestrials.      Calling it the "greatest secret of the 20th century," the officials, who termed themselves "witnesses" of UFO-related events, described a series of military investigations they said they saw: crashes of alien spacecraft, bodies of alien beings, secret government documents, even James Bond-style "erasures" of people who knew too much.      "The individuals who have these sightings range from airline pilots and military pilots to police officers, some of the people your lives depend on, on a daily basis," retired Air Force Lt. Col. Charles Brown told a roomful of skeptical reporters.      "They are very reputable, dependable people," he said.      "The field is filled with hoaxes and scams," said Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, which had gathered the witnesses. "But it doesn´t mean all of it is."      The 20 witnesses, he said, were a fraction of the 400 people who are willing to testify under oathand under congressional immunityabout a secretive portion of the government they say has gone out of control.      UFOs have long fascinated Americans, including several U.S. presidents. Webster L. Hubbell, a former associate attorney general under President Clinton, has described in an autobiography his unsuccessful quest to determine government involvement in the topic.      John Callahan, a former FAA division chief of accidents and investigations, said he was directed by CIA officers to cover up a Nov. 18, 1986, incident involving a UFO and a Japanese airliner near Anchorage, Alaska.      "We were all sworn to secrecy that this event never happened," he said.      Michael Smith, a former U.S. Air Force air traffic controller stationed near Klamath Falls, Ore., in the 1960s and early 1970s, reported seeing a UFO hovering at 80,000 feet one night.      "I was told you keep it to yourself," he said. "NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command] called me one night to say there´s a UFO coming up the California coastline. I asked them what to do. They said nothing, not to write it down."      After he was stationed at another military base in Michigan, UFOs were so close to one landing strip, he said, that two incoming B-52s had to be steered around them.      The Disclosure Project, a Crozet, Va.-based research organization that has been gathering government witnesses for several years, says its reason for going public is because the U.S. government has long had information on anti-gravity propulsion systems. These have been retrieved from downed spacecraft, such as those from a purported crash in Roswell, N.M., in July 1947.      These propulsion systems, which would use electromagnetic and "zero point energy state" technology to produce vast amounts of energy without any pollution, would drastically change the world´s oil-based economy. Such energy sources would not require damming the world´s rivers or building power plants, transmission lines or other expensive infrastructures needed to produce electricity for the world´s 6 billion inhabitants.      Such electro-gravitic technology would also allow people to travel totally above the ground, rendering roads obsolete. Several witnesses talked of incredible speeds demonstrated by these crafts, estimated by radar technicians to be more than 10,000 miles an hour. The fastest known speed of a man-made aircraft is 3,000 miles an hour.      But information on extraterrestrial speeds is never made public, said Daniel Sheehan, counsel for Project Disclosure. Even the Vatican Library, he said, has hidden information on UFOs.      Donna Hare, a NASA design illustrator with secret clearance, said UFOs were routinely airbrushed out of high altitude photos of the Earth before being released to the public.      "We always airbrush them out before we release them to the public," one technician told her. Curious, she began asking around the agency.      "A guard told me he was asked to burn some photographs and not to look at them," she said. "And there was another guard guarding him, watching him burn the photographs. He looked at one and it was a picture of a UFO and he immediately was hit in the head and had a big gash in his forehead."      Apollo astronauts, she said, had spotted UFOs, but they "are told to keep this quiet and not to talk about it," she said. One of them, Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 team, is a witness for Project Disclosure.      Karl Wolf, an Air Force sergeant who was assigned to the National Security Agency, said that mysterious structures were discovered on the far side of the moon when the United States was mapping its surface before the 1969 lunar landing. Those photos too were culled out of the public record.      The Pentagon does not comment on UFOs, except to say they do not exist and that such objects really are high altitude balloons, swamp gas or military aircraft.       Despite the government´s refusal to discuss the issue, several witnesses have also told of being stationed at military bases or near silos containing nuclear missiles when a UFO swung by. Afterward, military officers would discover the missiles had been temporarily deactivated.

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), May 12, 2001


Well.... Some folks are all too willing to accept the fact that the Government spent literally millions of dollars over many decades studying this stuff and then just decided to stop and say they don't exist... I don't think I would buy that with THEIR money!

Also, when it comes to advances in just the past couple decades on things like medical technology, military technology, etc. Yeah... we've got some really smart folks out there, but too many 'accidental advances' have been made recently.

I like the article...

You know - somewhere I have a newspaper clipping. Its an article and pictures... CLEAR pictures... of the UFO that hovered over (I think) Pheonix a few years ago. Knew a lady that was there when it was. Associated Press and the local papers all had pics and articles about it. Wonder where it is now....... wonder also how many clippings survived...

-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), May 14, 2001.

This is so lame. Ofcourse you didn't see the cliff that was there because it was dark. That means, someone went up on the hill, lit a whole bunch of lights and then turned them off. OOh my, that's gotta be a UFO. In case you need reminding, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. It means you don't know what it is. It doesn't mean it's gotta be an alien ship. We've got a whole lot of problems in the world today. We don't need to waste our time on this garbage. Please!

-- Quentin Beck (ryanbeck00@hotmail.com), February 07, 2003.

Quentin Beck , I was going to make a new post on this subject . I live by a hot spot UFO area. So common , I believe there is a UFO base miles from me. I have an wide range mountain view that in the winter months ,when the air pollution is low you can see up to 125 miles on a clear day. I see UFO activity in the day time , so has family members and area residents.It's not even a big deal anymore , it's so common.Seeing a bear raid a residential garbage pail now gets more attention than a UFO sighting and is less common.

The one yesterday was the english walnut shaped ones . It did do something unusual , it was doing an erratic figure 8 type spin and went up into the cloud cover.It came out between some mountain ridges and soon afterwards 3 military helicopters came out of the same area.The helicopters weren't chasing it . It appear they had just left from a ground meeting with the walnut shape craft.

Out of the area it came from , there are some good stories from some hillbilly hunters who tried hunting in that area and have been escorted out by men who seem to know exactly were the hunters have parked their vehicles. Also these men( the escorts ) who are suspected as being some kind of government workers had no weapons yet the hunters were afraid of them as they were being escorted out of the area right to the exact spot of where their veicles had been parked , even though there are many places to have parked their vehicles and it was a 2 hour walk through the woods.

I don't know if that story with the hunters is true. But I know what i've seen to be true and so have others who have witnessed crafts while with me.

I have concluded that these being hold information as what is the true biological purpose of the human being and what our relation and function is here on planet earth. And anyone who says or believes we are the stewards of the Earth,better take a reality check.That sounds nice and mother nature like.But I'm believeing the destution that human do to the planet earth and to it's enviorment is actually the purpose of why we are here.

How can humans ,a biological creature do any other thing than it's biological purpose.Ever try to surpress a biological function like sexual desires( reproduction ). It's not to easy.Any other biologicall function you know of that human beings can surpress? I believe for a purpose unknown to us and untold to us by the ones I commonly refer to as the CONTROLLERS , we are put here to do what we are doing , destroying life on this planet.Maube life on this planet isn't a good thing universally speaking .Maybe Earth and it's life forms are like a bad fungus or cancerous type growth that is harmful to the universe and we are actually put here in oder to fix things and make them right throught the destuction of these life forms.We may be nothing more than an anti bacterial agent on a larger scale.

I don't know what function the human beings purpose is.Or if we even have one. But I do know and have seen the flying machines many times here and a few other places I've lived.Documentation would be greatly beneficial to prove what I have seen . But I couldn't care less if anyone believes there are UFO with creatures in them or not.

I don't think they are our friends or give a crap about saving the Earth from man kinds destuction as I've heard others say. I believe the ones who've said that never even seen one up close , if they did they'd know these crafts and the ones in them don't see us this way and could care less about a individual human being.

Most of those TV programs on or about UFO's , I believe they are frauds , either government Dis-information to discredit and confuss the issue or money grubbing authors of stupid books that sell and make profits $$ by someone who doesn't like manual labor , and found this an easy way of making some side money.

They ,UFO's are here.Most likely before humans were . Why ? We may never know. But if I've seen them ,they are not that hard to find.I always wonder how others have not seen them. I wonder if people stay indoors so much that maybe they have greatly reduced their odds , of seeing one.

If someone wants to see them , go out into a mountainous secluded area peferable by a wildlife reserve or some protected lands that are also known to have a lot of military helicopter activity. And keep your eyes open. You won't see them in your living room or peaking out the window now and then.

Dr Steven Greer that Doreen talks about at the top post , I've read reports of his that weren't even in books yet. His mother lives in Palm Beach Co Florida.And through someone I know, who knows her I've read some of Stevens advertures in Mexico and how local authorities ( mexican police ) were harressing him and others who came to witness some triangled shaped crafts in the mexican dessert at a location where these crafts were showing up often enough for people to see them if they spent just a few days in the area.I don't know if his reports are true.I only find it necessary to believe what I've seen.

I see D. Greers' reports this way . I like to camp out and go hiking. But I don't find it enjoyable or interesting to read about someones adventures of them camping out or going hiking.

Quentin Beck maybe your just envious that you haven't seen one yet.

Don't feel bad ,every human has an envey of someone doing something.But in reality we are all doing what we want, we just need to realize to enjoy what we have .And to remember our actions brought us to the experiences we've had..

What ever that means ???????????????????????

-- Steve (Un@hm.com), February 07, 2003.

In a universe that never ends, the size of the earth is comparable to a grain of sand on all the beaches in the world. Every star in the sky is a "sun", most of them larger that ours. If our sun has 10 planets, that we know of, revolving around it, imagine how many other planets there are out there...We would have to be arrogant fools to believe that our planet is the only one that sustains life..Common sense tells you we are not alone.

-- adam drago (ebin1@hotmail.com), June 23, 2003.

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