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How can I get a good quality video when I convert from analog to digital. I corrently use Dazzle products

-- Garen Anserlian (ganserlian@glendale.net), May 14, 2001


Depends if you want to go Mac or PC as well as your Analogue format (S-Video, BetaSp or VHS). I'm using a G4 dual 533 with Final Cut Pro and Aurora's Igniter card with component i/o. Picture quality is fantastic (compression i sonly 1:1.5) once you get the system to working. Matrox also has the RT2000 both in Mac and Pc which is supposed to be real nice. The Matrox LX is supposed to be nice but stay away from the DTV.

-- Kalunga Lima (kalungalima@hotmail.com), May 25, 2001.

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