Water Troubles?

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I'm looking at land in other states and I am curious to know if anyone has ANY idea how to find out if there are problems with water in different areas of the states. Like mining contamination, high sulfer, that kind of thing. The realtors always say everything is great, but I would think therre must be some way of finding out if there are problems in certain areas. Thanks for any info you can give me!

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), May 19, 2001


Doreen, when we were home shopping, good water was the most important thing to me. Both places we made offers on had "water clauses" on them. Seller to pay for water tests. If the water didn't pass the standards of the VA, there was no deal.

We have the best water here in my neck of the woods, and lots of it too, if you've ever thought of living in the rain forest. A whole 'nuther planet from Texas.

-- Laura (LadybugWrangler@hotmail.com), May 19, 2001.

Laura, WHICH rain forest?

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), May 19, 2001.

I'm not opposed to rain forests, just not looking quite that far north! I really don't want to deal with a bank, but I guess I will make that a contigency of the contract.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), May 19, 2001.

Green, I live in the Olympic rain forest. I can stand in my yard and hear the ocean and see Mt. Olympus. We get about 14 feet of rain a year. I can grow a lot of interesting things but tomatoes are not one of them.

-- Laura (LadybugWrangler@hotmail.com), May 20, 2001.

Maybe you could build the tomatoes a type of shed with a clear plastic roof and open sides so they won't rot? Just a thought.

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), May 20, 2001.

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