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What are they to do if the park is no longer leashless?

Is Sue or Supe Peskin or anyone proposing any solution to their problem?

History: when the park was first created, it was innovatively mixed-used, designed for people and dogs. (Does anyone remember the flush tray that was there for flushing piss and poop?? As I recall, the dogs preferred grass.)

Actually (point of clarification) I set up this bulletin board as a nonpartisan, free space for all parties.

Restoring water to the park would be the first priority, in my humble opinion.

Again, my question remains: how shall dogs be accommodated?

-- Gary (, May 19, 2001


Hi Gary,

Thanks for clarifying that you created the bulletin board for everyone, including dog owners/walkers to share ideas. I apologize for misrepresenting your position.

I only just learned today from one of the neighbors that there was a drain on the west end used for flushing the dog urine. I do not know whether it also accommodated poop. Do you remember exactly what was there or provide a description, and whether it was being used. Would you like to have that set up again? Having a designated area for that use that could be kept clean would certainly help those who wish to walk their dogs in the park. I do feel that the dogs should be on a leash so that they do not interfere with others who wish to enjoy the park as a place to read or picnic or sunbathe.

There is an official off-leash dog area at the large park about 6 blocks away at Gough and Clay, which provides more area for a dog to run, fetch balls, etc.

I do not have an answer to your question on how dogs can be accommodated, other than your suggestion of the flush tray. Wouldn't that really depend on what dog owners want to do with their dogs in the park? As far as an exercise area for dogs, it does seem that this mini park is really too small for such a purpose.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

Sue Shockey

-- Sue Shockey (, May 19, 2001.

(This is an email that was sent to Peskin on 11/25/2002 prompted by a meeting notice of the Rec and Park Dept scheduled for Nov 26, 2002 at 6:00 PM)

Broadway Mini-Park Status Request to Aaron Peskin

Supervisor Peskin,

I would like to know the status of the Broadway Tunnel West (BTW) Mini-Park in light of the new dog leash law policy.

In particular, when will this park be converted back to people use as it is by definition too small to be a unleashed dog park.

We came several times to voice our opinion at your town hall meetings (March 24, 2001 at Spring Valley Elementary School and again on May 05, 2001 at the Grace Cathedral) and it was very evident that there was significant interest to get the park restored to a people park. Additionally, on May 18, 2001, the neighborhood held a petition drive

What is happening? We have been very busy in our personal life and have not had any time to follow up with subsequent action. I just looked at the park yesterday and it looks like it is still a gated unleash dog area!!! Nothing has changed!!!

When will you have the new unleashed dog policy enforced at the Broadway Mini-Park. Specifically, the removal of the wire fence and the landscaping renewed?

We felt that you would be doing something about this.

Hubert and Sue Lee

-- Hubert and Sue Lee (, November 25, 2002.

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