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Settin out a maple tree in the front yard whilst Lil Dumplin filled up a little wadin pool she'd bought for our grandaughter. I waited as long as I could for her to set that tree out but decided finally that she just wasn't gonna do it. The ground is hard with very little moisture in it. Well, I dug the hole and set that raskel out in it. Watered it rite smart and tamped it down. Shade in 50 years!!!!

A new week is starting tomorrow and I've much to do before it ends--that is if He doens't call me home. If He does then the work won't be done I rekon. I won't have to worry about it none--I'll be busy walkin on those streets of pure gold!

Lil Dumplin is fix'n to leave in the morning again. She'll be gone most of the week and it'll be just me and old calvin the cat. He don't like iced T but sure does like tater chips and boloney!!!!

A/C's are startin to run quite a lot now and looks like it'll be another busy summer keep'n'm runnin. That's ok though. I need the money.

Speakin of money----I would like to make a request of ya'll on here. "Feed the Children" in Oklahoma is always need'n cash to help out those who have nothing to eat. Will ya'll join in with me and send some out to'm? They will surely appreciate it and so would I.

Jesus is just waiting for the Father to tell Him "Son, go get my people"!

Thanks folks! ole hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, May 20, 2001


Thank YOU, Hoot.

You shouldn't have told everyonne you work on A/'ll be sure to be receivivg a lot of repair questions in the not too distant future. IF He doesn't call you me selfish, but I like you being here in the flesh and would miss you tremendously if you were called home. God Bless!

-- Doreen (, May 20, 2001.

Hoot, the Illinois Hillbilly, from an ex-Illinois Hillbilly, now a Ky. Hillbilly (where we have REAL hills!) it's good to see you here. Our pastor said last Sunday that Jesus has his hand on the door knob just waiting for the Father to tell Him to go get His people. Praise God, I truly believe that will be soon. It will be nice to meet you and all the other Christians on these forums. But mostly it will be wonderful to fall at the feet of our Father and worship Him!

-- Barb (, May 21, 2001.

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