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I've been pulling the weeds by hand in the vegetable garden area that I don't have raised bed boxes built for yet. The broad-leaf type weeds all seem to have an aphid-like pest on them about an inch below the soil surface, attached to the roots. They are a grey colour, about twice the size of a 'regular' green aphid- still pretty tiny, but noticeably larger. In my past, I would have nuked the whole garden with malathion or sevin to kill all beasties in sight, so I've never noticed this before. Now I'm trying to be more responsible and I fear I have NO CLUE what I'm up against. Can anybody help??

-- StevenB (, May 21, 2001


Steven, has it been wet where these buggers are? I'd just pull the weeds and cultivate it and check in a few days. They could be ladybug nymphs, but not seeing them, I wouldn't know for sure. If you cultivate and aerate and come back in a few days and still see them I might flush the area with some regular dishsoap and hydrogen peroxide half and half in a hose end sprayer. Good luck!

-- Doreen (, May 22, 2001.

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