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So, now can anybody reccomend a comprehensive pest identification book? (Yes,especially for aphid-like beasties :wink:) Since I don't have a good grasp of weeds either, other than broad- or narrow- leafed, how about a comprehensive weed identification book? I'd like to find a real good, comprehensive reference book on either subject. Preferably with lots of pictures,particularly in colour. I would like something for my personal library, I don't want to run to the public library or here everytime I have a bug or weed question. Price no object.

-- StevenB (, May 21, 2001


The Audobon books are good. We have and use the insect one quite a bit, but not everything is in it. There are too many bugs to include in just one book, and many are still unclassified. I live in NE TX and the counties in our area are supposed to be some of the buggiest in the world. A lot of what we see aren't pictured, but we can usually find something similar and make a good guess. Their plant books are good too. They should run around $15 to $20 each.

-- Green (, May 22, 2001.

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