Week of May 27, 2001

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-- Anonymous, May 27, 2001


I have spoke to Kathy H. and she will be thinking about throwing her hat into the ring. I feel we should fully support her if she decides to pursue this seat. She was thoughtful enough to step down when we asked and we owe her one for that as far as I'm concerned. But most importantly she will be a good board trustee.

I don't feel that Fred Perry is eligible because of his present seat on the board. Vanacore cannot vote because he will have resigned and will be therefore ineligible. That leaves six remaining members. I don't believe that Perry can vote for himself. Isn't that a conflict of interest? That leaves only five members, two of whom will not vote for Perry. My understanding is that four votes must carry a motion regardless of how many votes are eligible or present. Even though three is a majority, it isn't the four required.

Rose Ostrander's name is floating around as well. Now that's something that could happen if Perry is deemed ineligible. A strategy that I have suggested, for lack of anything better at this time, is to jam the application process and interviews with a lot of prospective candidates. Overwhelm the process so that they practically can't achieve replacing Vavacore until after Perry is out on July 1. Then, it is most likely, a moderate candidate can be chosen.

If we can get 50-100 people to fill out the applications and hand them in at the last possible moment, maybe it will work unless they schedule more meetings to interview all the candidates. But then they would look very partisan and silly if they choose either Fred or Rose. But embarrassment hasn't hindered them before.

I'm open to hear any more ideas on how to subvert the process they are rushing along.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

Tom and Curry: WAMC right now (Lisa Phillips) discussing Hillary's visit to JFK School in Kingston, and her proposal to fund "The healthy and high performance school act" (?). May be more in the papers tomorrow on this.

Are the principles embdied in this concept being proposed in the new construction in district buildings such as Bennett?

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2001

Be aware that Monday June 4th BOE meeting at W. Hurley School has Joe Vanacore's resignation on the agenda. That means the boys are trying to get a replacement in before the new board takes over on july 1st... Please consider speaking to the issue of another political hurry-up manuever (they never stop, do they?) since it's on the agenda, it's OK to talk about it in PBH.

We need a new board member who is not FORCED down the throats of the newly configured board...Might be good to recall the divisive nature of Kingston's supertintendent search and the same issue of trying to cut out he newly-elected board members.

Any intelligence report from the last CARE meeting? Anyone know if Kathy Hochman is still interested?


-- Anonymous, May 30, 2001

Hi all....here we go again! It's time to pay attention and watch the good ole boys is right. They will try and get Perry in for sure. What's going on with Mike Goodman? Is he a neutral kinda guy? Does he and Kathy have the "boys" respect? Please, anyone but Perry.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

Jim's idae of flooding them with ap[plication may be helpful..but remember we're talking about the good ol' boys, who will find a way to get their person in, legally or illegally...we need to do whatever we can to stop thewm until the new board takes office...Many people are outgared by this latest power play...so much for Millman's wanting to go by the will of the people!

Sharpen your tongues and pens...First: Joe Vanacore for playing along with this despicable move...and he should know better...2nd: Millman for usurping board power by trying to set the rules for replacement by himself..that's a board function, not his...third: the board majority for trying to ram "the loser" down our throats...time to tell the world again what and who Fred Perry really is. After seing him in action for a year, the voters threw him out...pretty clear...he went from a year 2000 500 vote victory to a 2001, 300 vote defeat...800 votes difference after seeing him on the board in public/private actions.


-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

Maybe the other slant on this is, really, how dare they rush into this when the board and the public should be focused on passing an important bond referendum for the Bennett School. This is a terrible distraction, again, from the real business of the board. Let's wait until after the bond issue vote to deal with this critical candidate selection.

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

Please let me invite any folks here to contribute to the STAND and COLOR Onteoa student award for outstanding contribution to democratic process, etc. We're raising funds hoping to make a substantial award at graduation and although SOS will not be a formal sponsor of this award, perhaps some who lurk here might be interested. Let me know at willowmx@ulster.net. Thanks, Tobe

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001

Meeting on Monday at 7PM at West Hurley School...spread the word...important agenda items re: replacing Joe Vanacore and the Bennett lease. Tobe

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001

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