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The summertime was THE most favorite time of the year for ole jeep and me. Well, that is except for Christmas, New Years, Easter and our birthdays and, of course, the 4th of July! Anyhow, we usually had to cut new fish'n poles each spring as our old ones would be stiff and not bend very well if we hooked a big fish. Mostly we cut and used Maple saplins for this very important tool.

River fish'n was the most productive for big fish. The little yellow belly catfish were as thick as hair on a dogs back, in our little creek. Little Wabash river held those big "hogs" that we called carp, buffalo and mud cats. Wasn't any big deal to hook one of those big'ns that would weigh 10 pounds or more. Hook'n a fish that big would try any fish'n pole and it's line. Stagen was the best line we had back then and it'd hold a bunch! For bait we used chicken livers and night crawlers/red wigglers. Later on we started usin that stinkin- stink bait. Talk about rank!!! It worked real well tho, that is if you could keep it on the hook!

The little yellow belly catfish in the creek are all gone now. Have been for several years. The Little Wabash river where we fished long ago is almost empty. Where the water used to be 15 ft deep-you can walk across it now as it's less than 2 ft deep. Lil Dumplin and I were down there last weekend and had a "look see" at that fish'n hole. Waters are polluted now by hog factories runoff and oil well "side effects" which include saltwater and B.S. B.S. is as the recognized initials protray but this is a heavy crude oil that can't be pumped through the pipelines and is usally dumped in the "slush pit". When heavy rains come the pits overflow and the B.S. in turn, overflows and runs all over the ground and gets into the rivers and creeks.

I'm lonesome for those old time days that are long gone. I guess what I miss the most is the close family and friends fellowship. We will shortly have a fellowship with Jesus Christ and that will out-do every one we've had before. The big difference that really troubles my soul is those that attended before but will be absent this time. Jesus Christ is coming back soon. He has our names written down in the Lambs Book of Life--those that have trusted Him. If you haven't then your name's not recorded there. Everybody should consider Him before it's too late. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, May 27, 2001


So sorry to hear... Seems like that's going on all over. People will just never learn!! Its frustrating.

I'll keep my faith, thanks, but I think you are right that the time is coming - and fast. The Seven Deadly Sins have become the Seven Sacred Mantras of the United States and others. It is time.

-- Sue Diederich (, May 30, 2001.

Hoot, you know drowning worms is the thing I miss the most about being a vegetarian.....There wasn't anything so special as getting up at 3 and going to a lake, rowing out in the dark and watching the sun rise in the absolute wonder of a clear calm in the middle of an otherwise empty lake. Ahhhh. Thanks, for stirring those memories. And also thanks for reminding us to take care of this creation.

-- Dreen (, May 30, 2001.

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