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Surely you can do better than "Tito and the Cosmonauts"...

-- Paulineee (, May 29, 2001


I've always thought that "Gross National Product" would be a good name for a rock band. I've mentioned that to my daughter for her occasional attempts at a band (as with your group, a punk band) but she was somewhat underwhelmed.

-- Jim (, May 29, 2001.

Oooooooo, I LIKE that!

Which pretty much seals its doom, unfortunately...

Maybe if I whisper it in his ear while he's sleeping?

-- Pauline (, May 29, 2001.

Now isn't it a pity that Media Terrorists Ltd is already taken? Still, as long as they don't tour Europe, they can have it.

-/|/- Rien (founder of Media Terrorists Ltd)

-- Rien (, May 31, 2001.

I always thought that if I had a band its name would be "Poor Impulse Control". Or, "The Flaming Pop Tarts".


-- Gail Shochet (, September 09, 2001.

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