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Hi all, gotta a ? Some of our tomato plants have turned very dark green to almost black. We've had some weird weather, cold a couple weeks ago, then more rain than necessary, we even had a couple of spring days, now it's cool and wet again. Does anyone have an opinion, will they come out of it? Thanks and God Bless.

-- Cindy (SE In) (, May 31, 2001


hi Cindy, did they get frosted? If that's it, they may or may not come back. Are the leaves kind of shriveled, or just changed in color? Hating to sound pessimistic, but if they got frost burned, you may want to set out a few more now to hedge your bets.

-- mary, in colorado (, May 31, 2001.

I'd bet the first answer is the correct one. Next time frost gets bad, water in the early morning, after sun, but before it warms too much. This will prevent a lot of the frost problems. The other thing is that if its been raining, too, roots could be rotting....

-- Sue Diederich (, May 31, 2001.

Hey Cindy, good to see you here!!!! I have had a few tomatoes look like what you describe. Yes, we've been having some crazy weather. Mine didn't get any frost on them though and doubt yours did either this late where you are. Mine seem to be coming out of it. I'd just sit tight a little while and watch them. If they aren't starting to look better in a week or two might want to replant but I know you have a LOT of tomatoes and hate to lose them!!!

-- Barb (, May 31, 2001.

We did have frost after the frost date93rd year in a row), and we sprayed them down before the sun came up. They're still alive, maybe when the sunshines again and the weather warms up next week, they'll come out of it.

-- Cindy (SE In) (, June 01, 2001.

Good luck to you. Sometimes plants will come back after a frost if they weren't burned too bad. Some I thought were dead weren't. Like you said, just have to wait and see.

-- mary, in colorado (, June 01, 2001.

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