2 million More Killed....HMD England

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Here's an article showing failure in accounting on the part of MAFF....I just pray we don't have this come here.

SATURDAY JUNE 02 2001 Farm cull toll may be two million higher BY VALERIE ELLIOTT, COUNTRYSIDE EDITOR NEARLY two million animals have been left out of the official foot-and-mouth slaughter statistics, it emerged last night.

The Ministry of Agriculture has not been counting calves or lambs in the cull total unless the animals have been weaned from their mother.

Official figures state that 3,145,909 animals have been killed altogether but data compiled by the Scottish Executive suggest that the real total could be 70 per cent higher.

Scottish figures on the cull in Dumfries and Galloway state that 554,309 animals have been slaughtered while the ministry’s tally for the same cluster is 332,516. The disease command centre in Scotland puts the number of cattle slaughtered in the area at 72,700 — 71 per cent more than MAFF’s figure of 42,372.

The discrepancies between the way that MAFF and the Scottish authority are keeping tally will fuel suspicions that the Government tried to massage the scale of the epidemic in the run-up to the election. And Tim Yeo, the Tory agriculture spokesman, said that it proved the Government was trying to conceal the extent of the epidemic.

A MAFF spokesman insisted last night that numbers of calves and lambs were included in the official statistics. “There may sometimes be omissions when young are born after the mother is slaughtered,” he added.

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), June 05, 2001


Doreen, I found another link with alot of info about the plight of the farmers. http://www.farmtalking.com

Back to my 10 yr event of spring-cleaning !!! peace, Nan.

-- Nan Bignall (jdnabgnl@midwest.net), June 06, 2001.

"...born after the mother is slaughtered"? I was under the impression that when human mothers are terminally injured, the fetus usually died as well unless immediate heroic measures were taken to save it. Don't know why such effort would be taken to salvage a lamb or calf only to kill it. Somebody educate this ole country girl. Or is this a case of a lifelong city dweller blowing smoke?

-- marilyn (rainbow@ktis.net), June 09, 2001.

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