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My wife is an elementary school teacher (5th grade). I?m proud of her, the job she does and the fact that she is a public school teacher. She just received her new science textbook for the next school year. On a two-page spread following the first unit of study is an article of how scientists have already GE potatoes with an inert section of cholera. When you eat the potato, it supposedly vaccinates the consumer against cholera toxins. Cooking reduced the effectiveness of the ?vaccine?, but only eating ONE cooked potato a week for a month is sufficient for several years. It is hoped this will also work against the toxins of E.Coli. Their next step will be potato ?vaccines? to counter the bacterium directly. This article presents the creation of this heinous monster as natural, harmless and already in the food chain.

Those who followed the ?Monsanto appointee? thread will already know that I?m not a stranger to these issues, but this took me surprise and floored me completely. I wasn?t so naive to believe the article as it was presented, so I went searching. The article is factual, and the plant isn?t yet in the food chain. Scientists are so convinced of this method of vaccination, they are looking into the creation of ?super spuds? for almost any disease imaginable.

Not one seemed to mention the long-term effect of constantly ingesting ?inert? poison as a vaccine. With the admission of overuse of antibiotics leading to altered ?super? forms of diseases, can they not see this is the same path? The reports all danced around the chemical structure of the potato or its nutritive properties. The best I could find was ?It even seems to taste like a potato? Hmpf. SEEMS to taste like a potato tells me it DOESN?T taste like a potato. I can imagine why, IT?S NOT A POTATO ANYMORE!!!!! It may look like one, feel like one and even cook like one, but if it?s fundamental properties are different, it isn?t a potato. Just thought I?d share this little bit with the group.

-- StevenB (, June 05, 2001


Vets have been saying for years that it is detremental to over- vaccinate dogs and cats. Can cause all sorts of auto-immunity problems, including lymphoma. Now they want to put vaccine right in our food. Great. Yet another reason to grow our own, if we can still find unadulterated seed potatoes in a couple of years.

-- melina b. (, June 05, 2001.

I'm sorry for Idaho. Man, why can't scientists just leave food alone? It's enough to make you go anorexic. Thanks Steven, for this you know if it is in conjunction with the blue potatos that signaled they needed to be watered? Or is this something someone thought up all by their lonesome?

-- Doreen (, June 05, 2001.

This appears to be a different group of mad scientists than the 'glowing' potato people. The information I DUG up :grin: indicated that this particular group was also trying to cross-engineer multiple unrelated diseases in an effort to enhance the 'edible vaccine' for one particular kind of disease. For example, they were somehow crossing diabetes with the cholera toxin and egineering this 'soup' with a potato to hopefully create an enhanced vaccine against juvenille diabetes. I wasn't real clear what part of the 'diabetes' was being crossed, pieces of pancreas, insulin or what.

Since you also mentioned the glowing potatoes, NASA seems VERY interested in 'glowing' plants of all types. They are hoping to get GE plants that will glow for other things besides water (temperature for example) and plant portions of mars with them robotically. The idea is they can monitor the 'glowing' condition of the plants with telescopes to monitor changing atmospheric conditions. It's not enough they want to mess up this planet, they want to get a head start on another.

-- StevenB (, June 06, 2001.

Oh Steven, you are spreading much joy! Man oh man. Why can't we just leave anything alone?!!!??? I worry about vaccinations anyway and then they decide to innoculate the food with it. No more french fries for me. Not that I eat much of them anyway, but those fries at Wendy's were a treat from time to time.

-- Doreen (, June 07, 2001.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be depressing: I believe knowledge is power. You can't fight what you aren't aware of.

Go ahead with your fries: it seems the vaccine can't handle deep frying. Remember, this research is happening or happened, it has NOT entered the food chain, yet. The best way we can help combat this sort of stuff, IMHO, is to push for GE labelling. If the sellers of frankenfood had to disclose any GE food on a label, then at least we(the public) could make a choice, and economics would solve the problem because nobody(or very few) in their right mind would buy the stuff knowingly. If there's no money in it, researchers won't spend so much time tinkering with this stuff. I know labelling isn't a perfect soloution, but it has shown to be effective in Europe. Let them try to sell modified potatoes in Europe and see what happens. They wouldn't even be allowed into EU member countries.

-- StevenB (, June 08, 2001.

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