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One of my wethers seems to have rubbed his stomach's in front of the penis and also on the right side. I would say this has happened two days ago, because there is some scabbing. i rarely look at the stomachs of my wethers, but I will definitely make that part of my daily care now. It looks really sore. There isn't any pus, and he doesn't have any crystals or dry penis sheath although the head of his penis is quite red. I gave him some ID1 and he is current on CDT, also I gave him a shot of LA 200 because it does look like it might be heading towards infection. Any ideas on what could cause this? The other goats have no signs of any kind of skin problems and I looked really closely and couldn't find any mites or lice or fleas. Of course this is the one wether that is ACTUALLY mine. Thanks for any ideas. It almost looks burned..?

-- Doreen (, June 05, 2001


Is there something in their pen that is stomach height that he could be rubbing on? Some of our goats will rub themselves raw on certain things in the barn, pen or pasture. It is usually an individual thing and seems to have no distinct cause.

-- Skip Walton (, June 10, 2001.

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