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Do you happen to know is there any biography written in or translated to spanish, english or polish. many thanks from above

-- tom ratter (, June 09, 2001


As far as English is concerned, there is as far as I know only the Cismaru 1974 bio which is out of print. Excerpts are on the web site. Rob

-- robert whyte (, June 10, 2001.

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-- Blah (, April 29, 2002.


There is one book about Boris Vian that has been translated into spanish and that it is very hard to find. Is the one written by Jean Clouzet. It was printed by Editorial Jucar, Coleccion Los Juglares. Translated by Mary Luz Melcon, Barcelona, Spain, 1976. It was taken from the edition printed originally in french in 1971. The book is bad translated and contains illustrations. There is another book whose name in spanish is

La Subvercion por el Lenguaje: El Poder de las Novelas de Boris Vian

it was written by Francine Sucarrat Boutet and printed in 1993 by the Universito of La Coru~na in Spain. It has 200 pages and I don't know anything else about this book and how to get them (if it is possible to get them). The tranalstion into english of the title of the book is something like: The Subversion of the languague: the power in the novels by Boris Vian.


Gerardo Acosta

-- Gerardo Acosta (, November 03, 2003.

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