What are you harvesting?

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Since I'm still recuperating from grandkids and a very bad cold, I thought I'd take a computer break, my husband's very tolerant of my not getting the housework done, or even started.

I picked the first peas this morning, broccoli will be ready anyday. Pulled the seed pods off the garlic. Picking black raspberries and still have a little rhubarb. Pulled a whole bunch of lettuce before the 90 degree heat gets it. Hung yarrow to dry and took down dried lemon balm and lemon mint and mint. Waiting on garden to dry to till, hopefully the okra will make it, peppers are looking good, will plant more baby corn asap. probably have to mow the rows between the corn before tilling, too much rain. Need to trellis the cucumbers.

Break's over. I'll be looking forward to reading what you're harvesting (when I can find time for another break)

-- Cindy (SE In) (atilrthehony_1@yahoo.com), June 11, 2001


Tomatoes, squash,bell pepper, cayenne, jalapeno, okra,wax beans, green beans,cow peas, broccolli,zuchinni, carrots,onions,radishes and banana peppers. The corn will be harvested next month.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), June 11, 2001.

Really haven't even started planting yet here, but we are eating snow peas, artichokes, parsley and chives. Raspberries, strawberries and salmonberries are all still green. It is cool and raining again today.

-- (LadybugWrangler@hotmail.com), June 11, 2001.

Wow! I am impressed with all y'all have done and are harvesting. The only thing we're getting so far is strawberries and apples. Funny thing is, that corn that we replanted 3 times. Some of the early plantings are now coming up after 1-2 months! The other produce I'm still buying from an orgaanic co-op. Blueberries will start coming in in about a week though. My butter peas are blooming but don't even have blooms on the tomatoes, peppers, squash and okra. At least we're getting rain. Thank you, Lord! Cindy, I am keeping all 4 of my grandchildren this week, just during the day (about 11 hours a day). I love them but....I need a break too! Don't know how you did it day and night.

-- Deena in GA (dsmj55@aol.com), June 12, 2001.

Kale, nettles, lamb's quarters, parsley, and our very first artichokes (the globe kind). OK, so there were only two and they were little! Maybe the next ones will be bigger.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), June 12, 2001.

Lots of strawberries, Ozark Beauties, everbearing, they are only a year old, but are producing a quart every three or four days now, and I only have in 75 plants! Boy, these are sooooo much better than those awful store bought things! Wish I had put strawberries in years ago now!

Everything else has just been in about 3 weeks now, just now got temperatures high enough for stuff to grow! Even the wild black raspberries are still green and small, usually it's time to pick them by now.

Wish the rain would stop so we can start baling the 50 acres of hay that needs done up, square bales too, we are glutons for HARD work!!!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (annie@1st.net), June 13, 2001.

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