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I am a new graduate from an Oracle DBA IT FastTrack course. The responses to my job inquiries all seem to focus on lack of On The Job experience.

Any suggestions for a yet to be seasoned DBA with a skillset equivalent of most 2-3 year DBA's in aquiring a position would be appreciated.

Robert Jackson Oracle DBA

-- Robert V. Jackson (oracle_dba_kansascitymo@hotmail.com), June 13, 2001


I'd suggest you look into getting an application developer position using Oracle and then working your way into a DBA job at that company. Or perhaps seeing if you can perform some of the DBA duties in a test environment for the applications you support to get you some Oracle DBA experience.

Also, consider taking the Oracle DBA certification exams to get certified as an Oracle DBA (if you have not done so already). Some organizations will hire a certified DBA with minimal experience based solely on the Oracle certification (although perhaps not at the salary level you are expecting)...

Good luck!

-- Craig S. Mullins (Craig_Mullins@BMC.com), July 09, 2001.

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