OK - Lost, late mail getting costly (Editorial)

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OK - Lost, late mail getting costly

To the editor,

Mr. Tucker:

I appreciate your apology and consumer-oriented mindset. I am a firm believer that civil servants should

treat the taxpaying citizens (who pay civil servants their salaries) with respect.

However, I have to ask: Do you get complaints about lost or late mail? It seems that everywhere I turn, I

encounter someone who complains about lost mail. A few months ago we, too, lost some mail. We lost

about $250 in payments we mailed well in advance of the due date. We ended up paying $104 in stop

payment fees and late charges! And it seems that every other month we notice late payment fees added

to our statements even though we mail our payments 7-10 days in advance.

This is beginning to add up. Now, we pay by check over the telephone, paying anywhere from zero to

$4.95 in charges for phone payments.

Apply your consumer mindset to this riddle: If everyone in Shawnee who has lost mail started paying

their bills online or by phone, then how much of a postage increase would it take to keep the Post Office

in business? You might want to survey your patrons and find out just how bad a problem lost mail is in

this town.

B. Putman, Shawnee


-- Doris (nocents@bellsouth.net), June 13, 2001


How about a dollar a stamp? That sounds outrageously sufficient for a bumbling, inefficient Post Office?

-- QMan (qman@c-zone.net), June 14, 2001.

GEE & I THOUGHT I WAS THE only 1 WHO HAD LATE & MISSING MAIL. I'm constantly complaining about getting others mail & mail that Ebayers SWEAR that they mailed & I NEVER receive EVER! Just more Critical Infrastructure falling apart around us.. Geno-ca

-- Geno-Ca (headturbo@hotmail.com), June 14, 2001.

I mailed my Visa payment (due on the 1st),on May 22nd. and they still don't have it! Now, I am getting a late fee plus a mark on my credit record because of an inefficient post office! I have had a couple of bad experiences with automatic withdrawels for payments. hmmmmm I live in Ohio and most of our payments are sent out of state. Blessings Judy

-- Judy/W (judywhalen@aol.com), June 14, 2001.

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