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I just thought I'd post this for the benefit of everyone here.

Little Bit farm

-- Little Bit farm (, June 14, 2001


Oops!! Stupid! Stupid! Forgot to paste.

Little Bit Farm

ACTION ITEM: Your Medical Privacy is in Danger

Here is today's Sixty Second Activist ACTION ITEM:

ISSUE: Your medical records are in grave danger of becoming prey to unaccountable bureaucrats and snooping salesmen - without your knowledge or consent.

Federal regulations put in place by President Clinton governing medical records privacy are about to ravage America.

Congress has until June 15th to repeal Clinton's invasion of your privacy. After that, it will take legislation to try to shut this Pandora's box.

Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has sponsored House Joint Resolution 38, which will repeal Clinton's attempt to seize your health records. If Congress doesn't vote on and pass House Joint Resolution 38 by June 15th, this is what will happen:

- Government agencies will be able to review your medical records without your permission.

- All electronically stored medical data will be up for grabs - including confidential psychiatric records.

- Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other third parties will have access to your records.

- Uncle Sam will know your unique DNA code and could keep a copy on file.

- You'll get your very own "health code identifier", which will be yours from cradle to grave.

- Fight the government grabbing your records, and you may jeopardize medical treatment for you and your family.

We must act now to derail Clinton's invasion of your medical privacy before it's too late.

ACTION ITEM: Call, fax, email or write the Republican leaders in the House of Representatives and urge them to schedule a roll call vote for House Joint Resolution 38. Deadline is June 15th, so a phone call is the best way speak up!

If you call, just ask that they vote on House Joint Resolution 38 right away and repeal Clinton's medical privacy rules.

Speaker of the House Rep. J. Dennis Hastert Phone: 202-225-2976 Fax: 202-225-0697 E-mail: Postal: 2369 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515

House Majority Leader Rep. Richard Armey Phone: 202-225-7772 Fax: 202-226-2028 E-mail for Texas residents: No email for non-Texas residents Postal: 301 Cannon House Office Building, Washington DC 20515

House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Delay Phone: 202-225-5951 Fax: 202-225-5241 E-mail: Or Postal: 2370 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington DC 20515

NOTE: You can copy and paste the letter below for your message to the Republican House leaders. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Dear Congressman:

It is crucial that you put House Joint Resolution 38 on the legislative calendar and bring HJR 38 to the floor for a roll call vote!

You have only until June 15th to repeal Bill Clinton's dangerous intrusion into the privacy of our medical records. After June 15th, only legislation can turn back this invasion of American's medical records by third parties.

I am deeply concerned that unaccountable government agencies and third parties can take my private medical records without my knowledge or consent. President Clinton's "privacy" policy is a blatant invasion of privacy and tramples upon the Tenth Amendment.

Please respond and tell me where you stand on HJR 38 right away. Thank you.


NOTE: Today's Action Item is the latest fight in our campaign to repealClinton's dangerous invasion of your medical privacy. We only have until June 15th to repeal these intrusive regulations. Time is running out! Call today and tell your friends to take action!

-- Little Bit farm (, June 14, 2001.

I might be dense and I sure know I'm paronoid (just ask my husband) but what I don't understand about the gov't wanting our medical records, or any other info for that matter is this: What the heck would they do with it? How much stuff do you think each person generates? Who's gonna read that stuff and for what? Where could they possibly store it all and how could they possibly weed out anything of consequence? Kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack, I think.

If they checked on me, they'd see I'm slightly overweight, have quit smoking, take estrogen, buy most everything of sale, drive an old car, am past child-birthing age, have two cats, blah-blah-blah! BORING!! Why would anyone but me care? I understand that the stores want to track our shopping habits, but so what? So they send me a few coupons. I'm okay with that.

What does truly bother me about government are the people WE elect to govern us in our own cities and towns and the entire country. I firmly believe that many of those people have their own personal agendas no matter what they say to get elected. In our last election, only 28% of the entire population came out to vote and this election was for our local gov't! Selectmen, school board, planning board, etc. the very people that have an impact on our day-to-day life. What are we thinking? Isn't that kinda like leaving a kid alone in a candy shop?

Sorry to rant.

Here's wishing you enough and thanks for reading.

-- Dianne in Mass (, June 14, 2001.

HCFA, the paying end of government healthcare has an enormous data base which is collected on all medicare folks who utilize home care services..right now it is anonymous..a "tool" supposedly put in place to be able to project the future needs of home care patients as well as make sure that home care agencies are not bilking the system....questions such as "Did the nurse ask if the patient's sexual needs are being met in his/her significant relationship" (honest..this is a question)...If the homecare nurse does not fill out the form correctly, the agency will not get paid..this anonymous questionaire is the property of HCFA..What I find remarkable is that the patients are not told that this is a questionaire put out by the government and if they do not cooperate in answering it, they will be denied benefits..for me, this is a very short step from the feds having all of our personal medical information at their fingertips..scary stuff indeed...God bless.

-- Lesley (, June 14, 2001.

I wonder how it panned out???

I think they want all of this stuff so that they know which buttons to push on you or your spouse so that you may be easier to control. Remember all the scripts have to be approved through the FDA, and mostly dished out by the AMA, huge bureaucracies..yippeee. Everything comes down to power and control, be it monetary or legislature.

I hope I die young.One suggestion is to use a fake name at the doctor if you just need the occasional script. It's probably a felony or something. When I was sick in VA I had to argue with a nurse for 35 minutes about not giving her my SS#. I won, but it was stupid.

-- Doreen (, June 17, 2001.

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