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I am curious as to what happens after the test for an apprenticeship in carpentry is passed. Is it up to me to find a company to apprenticeship with? Does the union help with this? If I plan on taking the next test on July 11th, what happens next? Thanks for all your help! -- Jerome

-- Jerome K Knapp (, June 14, 2001


Kinda varies... When I deal with folks I tell them to get through the testing process and get the letter of indenture. If by then they have had no employers interested I assist. (understand I work primarily with millwright and piledriver contractors... agents are assigned to specialize) The apprentice center will furnish the apprentice with a list of union contractors. Generally you then start knocking on doors seeking employment. So, the burdens on you, but a call to the hall will generally get you info on who's hiring at any given time. A sympathetic agent might even open some doors for you. You don't know till you ask. (It's not a job, it's a profession... journeyman are extremely skilled at hunting up new work.) Best Wishes - Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, June 14, 2001.

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