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Los Angeles Times

Never mind getting stuck in an elevator. Next time there's a power outage, pray you're not at La Scala. The upscale Beverly Hills eatery says that 26 to 100 of its patrons are likely to die, "depending upon how many guests are in the restaurant during a blackout, and how many guests are subjected to contaminated food."

(The article is long, but an interesting read.)

-- Rachel Gibson (, June 16, 2001


CONSEQUENCES: It is likely that La Scala will soon be unable to obtain Liability Insurance. Their present policy definitely will NOT be renewed.

OPINION: This was a foolish tactic, used by a non-mission critical business, in a frantic attempt to obtain very undeserved exemption from blackouts. Hence, non-mission critical businesses, like La Scala, that used this tactic, deserve this fate.

-- Robert Riggs (, June 16, 2001.

italics off

-- spider (, June 16, 2001.

So the restaurant says it will serve spoiled food is it loses refrigeration??? Its not likely.

-- John Lttmann (LITTMANNJOHNTL@AOL.COM), June 16, 2001.

People won't get sick from a brief interruption...the one hour rolling blackout this waiver supposedly requires. It's certainly true that prolonged "time/temperature violations" may cause illness from food spoilage, but it is always incumbent (and a legal mandate) on the food industry to destroy food that has been abused in this fashion.

Having said that, of course lots of violations big and small occur all the time, and you don't need a blackout for them to occur!

The restaurant described above is pretty stupid for basically saying they will ignore longstanding sanitary requirements and serve rotten food. If this is true, one should avoid eating there regardless of their fancy menu.

-- Andre Weltman (, June 18, 2001.

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