NT Event Log Filling With Oracle Alert Events

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I am experiencing a problem where the Windows NT Event Log for my database server, which is running IBM's Websphere Application Server version 3.5 and Oracle 8.1.6, is being flooded with the same "information" type event over and over.

Occasionally, a stream of identical entries are being quickly written to the Event Log over and over eventually filling up the log.

A sample of the event detail of the offending event would be:

"Audit trail: ACTION : 'connect internal' OSPRIV : DBA CLIENT USER: SYSTEM CLIENT TERMINAL: CC185711-A. "

In the hopes of understanding why these events are filling the event log, my questions are:

Why is Oracle writting this message to the Event Log?" and

"What situation would cause this message to get written over and over to my machines event log?"

Thanks, Mike Scola

-- Mike Scola (mscola@click2community.com), June 16, 2001


In oracle super-user login is always audited in oracle. Hence when ever some one connects to the database as this user, oracle & operating system is intimate

-- pradeep (pradeep.b@net-kraft.com), June 07, 2002.

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