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Hi, I recently started trying some sx-70 manipulations using some stylus pens and sculpting tools. After a couple of film packs, I got some success. I usually wait for about 2 minutes before starting to manipulate because I was gettting a lot of white streaks. I wonder what tools you have been using. Have anybody had any success in heating the picture after a while to manipulate or the better way is to do it right after exposure? Thanks in advance, Herbet.

-- Herbet Camerino (, June 19, 2001


Hello Herbet,

Try using "blunt" wooden dowels (such as the tools used in creating ceramics) or a PLASTIC knitting needle. Sounds like you are using tools that may be too sharp or pressing too hard on the photo if you are getting the white streaks. Manipulating an SX-70 image calls for using the proper tools, various amounts of pressure so as not to wind up with a black/white streaked photo but rather a gently manipulated image that looks "painterly".

Visit their website contains a wealth of info re: all the polaroid processes. Practice, Practice, Practice & Best of LUCK !

Best regards, Elena (aka Serial Mom ;~)

-- Serial Mom (, June 20, 2001.

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