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It looks as though they're getting ready to pull the plug over there at Countryside. I don't know about you folks, but I've written pages and pages of stuff, mostly about goats, to help other people out when they had a question. I also like to refer to the archives when I have a concern before posting a new question. So I'm going to hurry and copy everything I want to save before he zaps it into cyber space!

-- Rebekah (, June 20, 2001


I've written one response already, then deleted it because I was so irate as to not make sense. Not irate at you, Rebekah, at the situation. Alot of priceless information and really good fellowship is going down the tubes over there, and it's such a shame. But we have a choice! We can continue to post here and build this forum into what CS had become. We can also, if we feel led, go to the Christian Homesteading forum and post there. I'm enough of an American to defend someone's right to disagree with me, but I won't be still or quiet when I'm not afforded the same right. I am sick at heart that it has come to this. Let's do what we can to share information and encourage each other here. Rest in peace, CS forum.

-- melina b. (, June 20, 2001.

Melina, I wrote an answer on the previous thread before I read this one. We are thinking alike evidently. Let's all just share on this forum and build it up. Thanks, Doreen, for your work setting up this forum and for saving the threads from CS!

-- Deena in GA (, June 21, 2001.

Rebekah -

I have such limited amount of time lately to be on the web... Please DO copy as much as you can... I don't know a lot about goats (just what I remember, and that can be a little fuzzy), but I do know that I want a couple, and will miss having access to the info I'll need over in those archives.

Perhaps we could each take a section of the archives? It would be good to have access to all that 'old' info in the future, and we could maybe preserve it here... after all... It ISN'T copyrighted, lol. Sort of feels a little like stealing, but it IS OUR information, it belongs to those who posted, and not to CS.

-- Sue Diederich (, June 22, 2001.

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