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How are your gaardens doing? I thought I was going to have a bumper crop of blueberries but for every one I pick one or two green ones fall off. I'm not sure why. My tomatoes and peppers still! don't have any blooms. The corn and butter peas look like we'll get a lot. We'll have to see. I hope everyone else is having better luck thaN I!

-- Deena in GA (, June 21, 2001


Deena, I see we are neighbors..I'm in Alabama (NE part) not fear, my peppers and tomato plants are also bloomless right now, and my giant sunflowers are just barely getting ready to burst forth with flowers..zucchini & cukes came up with blossoms last week..I think it is because we have not had alot of sun around AL & GA for the past 3 weeks, just a great deal of rain. Here, this is the first full week of sun. we sowed Bermuda grass last Saturday because it was sunny and humid, with a promise of more heavy rain two days later...well, "they" were wrong, so now we want the rain back! I'm hoping we get some as forecasted for tonight..gotta get that grass up and going. I see lots of tomatoes being sold from farm trucks already, but they are 99% tasteless..guess they were forced? Hang in there a few more weeks and I think we'll be too busy picking veggies and canning and freezing to even go near the computer!

-- Lesley (, June 21, 2001.

my parents back in Texas are harvesting all kinds of things! here in Colorado, we are still nursing along the seedlings. (Glad to say, though, that the tomatoes survived last week's snow as well as the hail we had a week or so before that!!) (I know, I know, when it's 115 in Texas, I'll enjoy this cooler climate.) Deena, do you have plenty of pollenators? Sometimes fruit wont set good if there aren't enough bees or such.

-- mary,in colorado (, June 22, 2001.

Actually, we have lots of bees. We have a couple of holly bushes which seem to attract loads of bees every year along with all the fruit trees. Thanks for the suggestion though. I have a feeling it goes back to the fact that we are in the fourth year of drought. We have had more rain in the last month than usual but perhaps it is the long term lack of rain. In fact, I just noticed today that despite all the rain we've had the ground is still dry and cracked in areas. At least my well is still hanging in there, I'm grateful for that!

-- Deena in GA (, June 22, 2001.

Mary - good to hear your babies survived well!! We lost a couple, but I managed to save most of the tomato and pepper seedlings too.

Since I finally got the DIRT in, we finally got the garden planted. Tiny little thing - not at all what I'm used to! And, of course, what passes for topsoil up here is of the yellowish-gray variety. Thank God I raise rabbits!!! All should go well for my first time trying to garden here - I hope!

-- Sue Diederich (, June 22, 2001.

We had "straight from the stalk to the kettle" artichokes for dinner. Great big firm, the size of cabbages, artichokes. Boy were they sweet! And no spines!

-- Laura (, June 23, 2001.

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